Testosterone discussion

Eat vegetables, meat, rice, potatoes.

Don’t eat wheat or sugar.

Do more exercise.

I handled it for you :wink:

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Or do you need to gain weight?

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Do you have anything useful to add in answering the question?

I think it is very useful to cut out wheat, you are probably eating a lot of that in your diet.

Wheat is also in things like cosmetics, supplements, additives, medications etc

This is also lowering your test. Alcohol is also a bad guy. Do you consume alcohol? or soy?

If you eat correctly, you will see a big difference in your test levels and it is easy to know what you need to eat and what not to eat. A doctor at a clinic doesn’t need to tell you this stuff, it is all common sense and readily available online through research.

So the answer is no, please stop

Just do natures testosterone test. Can you grow a good beard and do you have some muscles? Weak facial hair is a symptom of low testosterone. The Asian diet is high in soy, which increases estrogen levels (the female sex hormone in men). That is why many Asian men do not look masculine (feminine baby faces, and soft bodies) and cannot grow beards.

If they cut out the generations of soy eating they might have a chance. Ditch soy, lift weights, eat well. Make sure you’re getting enough fat in your diet also as this helps produce testosterone.

Some good info in here mixed with some not so good, IMO.

The good: Big yes to lifting weights. Compound movements that cause metabolic stress stimulate the natural release of T. Squats and deadlifts are especially good.

Asian men: Asians have different physical characteristics because of genetic differences, not diet. Differences include lower prevalence of body hair, lower levels of body odor compared to Caucasians and less pronounced sexual dimorphism.


Well, testosterone affects sex drive levels and guys with lower sex drive tend to have higher estrogen levels. What raises estrogen levels in men and women unnaturally? Foods high in estrogen. The main contributor is soy and tofu… Huge staples of the Asian diet and they eat it almost everyday.

For example, Bob from America eats red meat 2 to 3 times a week, which is high in zinc, copper and magnesium and keeps high testosterone levels testosterone. Subsequently can grow a beard (a scientific indicator of a virile male with high testosterone).

Mushi from Japan eats tofu everyday and has a nice, soft hairless body. Mushi has smooth skin, looks youthful but has no desire to meet girls. The long term poisoning of his body with estrogen laden food has made him into what many Japanese women refer to as "Grass eaters (those with no sexual appetite). Still think there isn’t a problem? The low birth rates in both Taiwan and Japan prove that men just aren’t doing it nowadays. Of course, there are always exceptions to the norm, but do you think the strong Asian guys around eat soy? Not on their life do they. Behind every strong body is a man or woman with an intricate understanding of diet and nutrition.

If you wanna be a strong healthy male and restore your Testosterone levels then ditch all soy products, replace it with broccoli (its an inhibitor of estrogen) and eat some red meat. Take a multi vitamin, lift heavy in the gym and sleep a lot.

Vegan hipsters eat a shitload of tofu and yet they all have cool hipster beards and body hair and shag like rabbits.



You can get away with soy sauce because it is fermented right?

Did they grow up on soy though?

Prob only been vegan for 2-5 years.

But I think a beard is genetic. My whole family grows full beards.

Can you confirm that though? I’ve never met a vegan with a sex drive before.

Of course its genetic. Its true that tofu contains high levels of estrogen but you’d need to eat a shit load to actually decrease body hair. Chinese have less body hair for a range of regions, mostly genetic. And while eating a lot of tofu will give you man boobs, eating a shit load of red meat will also.

Touche, let me carry out some research…

I’m not buying the genetic excuse. It’s too easy for an Asian guy to use the excuse “Asian guys can’t grow beards.” A man is a man at the end of the day. Sure, there are western guys too who can’t grow beards, so it’s not like it’s exclusively an Asian thing.

Asians themselves shouldn’t reinforcement racial stereotypes about themselves to justify being unable to do something. If they eat better and start shaving they can grow a beard. Maybe not an impressive lumberjack one as they are victims of soy poisoning for generations, but perhaps a simple whisker or two.

Even Jackie Chan has a beard nowadays… And where has he been living and eating in the last couple of decades? The west. He ran away from soy and a life of grass eating

Long terms vegans look like hell. Most of them can’t get outta bed, never mind get it up because their body is so devoid of essential nutrients and minerals. I mean have you ever seen a lion that ate only tofu?

Yeah, I’ve seen lots of male, Asian weight lifters without nary a hint of a beard. I think the lack of body hair is down to genetics, too.

Sorry bro, this is bordering on dangerous racial eugenics. You’re trying to imply that Asian men have surrendered their masculinity en masse so as to worship at the altar of the great Tofu. And the lack of beard growth bears this out.

If there really was soy poisoning at work then clinical evidence would be available. There would be cohort studies showing populations of men eating too much tofu and wearing D cup bras.