Testosterone discussion


Frank Medrano is a vegan and he’s a beast.


I like to cover all my bases. I eat a lot of red meat and soy products so I can grow a full beard and man boobs.


No, I love Asians. My girlfriend is Asian and she’ll testify to that. This isn’t slander, just some musing based on everyday observations and scientific facts. The dude wants to increase his testosterone and I offered sound advice how to do so. Soy is the enemy for men. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Can’t people discuss racial diversity without it dwelling into the age old argument of racial discrimination?


Are you familiar with steroids by any chance? This is their livelihood and career; they want to look their best at all times. Being vegan helps them stand out from the crowd. It’s just a “look at me I’m different” tactic.

By the way, how someone looks in real life and how someone looks pumped up, airbrushed, water deprived for 36 hours for a competition is completely different to their walking around appearance. Also, he looks like he needs a doctor


So, what you’re saying is you don’t know who Frank Medrano is.


See here for Hugh Jackmans beast mode body water dehydration method for Logan


This is a load of codswallop Im pretty sure.


Total rubbish you are making a million assumptions based on nothing.


Be so kind as to educate me?


And yet Asians are one of the most successful racial groups in terms of population. Low sex drive should mean low reproduction, but that clearly isn’t the case.

Is it, though? Citation? Other factors in low T are low levels of exercise, stress and other dietary factors. You’re suggesting a uni-variate answer to a multi-variate question. What about refined sugar and white flour? What about alcohol? If you’re going to say soy is the MAIN contributor, perhaps some evidence in the form of a link to at least one study?

That’s not an example. You just made up an anecdote, but provided no real evidence at all.

How is it scientific? Citation? Middle eastern and southern European men have much more pronounced body hair and thicker beards than fair haired northern Europeans. Do they possess greater levels of T? Do you know this for certain? “Scientific?” Citation?

A racial characteristic, not one caused by diet. You really should meet some Asian lifters. They don’t have “soft bodies” at all. But, hey, please do back up your claims with citations.

The Japanese diet has persisted for centuries, if not longer. The modern Japanese otaku is the result of social and technological changes, not diet.

Fallacy of false causes. The traditional diet here is not new. If it is responsible for the current low birth rate, how do you explain the high birth rate times, given that the diet was likely even MORE soy based than now (meat was too expensive) than now? But, then, we already know why the birth rate has fallen. You can see the same phenomenon in virtually any developed country. Factors include economic considerations (wages, housing costs, costs to raise children) as well as prioritizing individual pursuits, women’s rights and others. A uni-variate explanation of complex phenomena just does not do here without at least some citations.


The guy is into bodyweight exercises and extreme calisthenics. The video I shared above shows some examples of his strength and power.

Quick Google search of “Frank Medrando steroids” popped up some links where it is discussed. Here’s one of them:



Did you just assume the gender of your boobs? I think your presumption of atomicity here is highly presumptive of you in these times. :roll_eyes:

I hope you keep your passport handy in case witch hunt.


Looks like a certain anthropomorphic horse just assumed my gender. Hypocrite much?

But seriously, everybody gets to define their own gender, and the boobs are mine, right? Unless, of course, the nascent boob rights movement starts to gain traction…and then all bets are off.


When it comes to the effects of soy products on masculinity, the science is in. Exhibit A:




I do love a good debate! It’s a good, albeit lengthy answer. For the sake of brevity, I’ll just say a few quick things. This isn’t a university lecture and if you want citations and sources then look there for that. This is a forum: Lol and lmao are more common here.

Taiwan has a real low birthrate. Can’t deny it. People can cite financial costs, but look under the surface and there’s more to this story. All that pollution can’t be good for healthy sperm levels either.

I didn’t mention otaku, so that’s not really relevant here.

An Asian lifter who eats and trains correctly should be able to make the same gains as any other race. That’s not really a question here. Though, weightlifting isn’t really popular in Asia at all. Games are preferred… Which contributes nothing positively to ones physical appearance or T levels. Though they are fun as a past time.

As for the beards indicators of virility and male testosterone levels… A simple Google search will give you thousands of case studies for you to delve into. Not to mention women are naturally more attracted to bearded men. Prepubescent boys have no facial here. Men do. Once those testicles drop, facial hair should be a bloomin. If it’s not then surely that’s a problem.

All the other contributors to low testosterone levels I agree with. Particularly alcohol is a big testosterone killer. But, we must acknowledge that soy is also a problem too for men’s testosterone levels. As is stress, poor exercise and the other points you validly mentioned. I have no war on soy overall, but personally don’t touch the stuff.

Also, boasting that Asians are one of the most successful races at reproducing isn’t really a great claim. Don’t forget Africa. Besides, look at China’s one baby rule policy… The people didn’t have great access to contraception back then so of course they bred like rabbits. Also, traditionally a lot of families were big in Asia because farming was the main source of income then. More children meant more workers. Of course, those men of long ago were doing physical labor and eating everything that moved… Cats, dogs and even snakes. Nothing wrong with their testosterone levels then. Didn’t Taiwan outlaw eating snakes because everyone was killing them for lunch?


So, were Asian men more bearded at that time?

This doesn’t mean we can claim groundless things as facts here.


Are you sure about that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was wrong. We CAN.


Good video man. All Soy is good advocates watch from 3:00 minutes in to learn a bit about the negative effects of Soy