Testosterone discussion


I was being half sarcastic. Only half, mind you.


If Lance Armstrong can be busted for being a drugs cheat then so can anyone. I never heard of this guy, but it’s good you have a male role model.


All that typing and NOT ONE citation. Show the evidence. Don’t just say things; provide links to the science that proves what you’re saying is true. You’re committing fallacy after fallacy. On birth rates: you haven’t refuted my points on that at all.

You referenced Japanese youths. Same points, Otaku or not. Physical activity levels have dropped in each generation as the country’s modernization progressed. Look to the average western young person for much the same, although with a much higher average BMI.

You just refuted your own point here. You said it was diet. Now you concede it’s activity level.

Quote one that says definitively that bearded men have higher T than non-bearded, and especially that says Asian men are less often bearded due to low T. You’ve been asked enough times already. Back up your claims.

One factor only and probably not true of all women everywhere. My wife hates my beard.

Prove this is the case for all races equally. Citations, for Pete’s sake. Evidence needed.

Yes, it is. Low T results in impotence, erectile dysfunction and sterility in many cases. If an entire population had low T and had for generations due to traditional diets that killed T, then they would not be prolific. It’s that simple.

Again, proving my point. When your T is high, so is your sex drive. You can’t breed like rabbits if you’re a country of low T soy boys.

Again, their diets were WORSE in the past, considerably so. Take a look at how short the older generations are compared to the young. Average height and weight are way up, as is meat consumption.

Now, make your next reply contain far fewer made up points and far more links to studies that support anything you’ve said.



j/k. I have no idea about the science or the studies this guy uses. I like him, though.

btw, I think Ibis had some theories about Buzzfeed (the try guys) recently. I don’t think this video proves him wrong!


@Solaire did you find a place? How did it go?


Sorry but it’s too late at night to get so worked up. Maybe the wife hates the beard because it’s incomplete? Just a thought. Weak beard game is synonymous with low testosterone.

I think you mentioned people getting taller? Yeah thank McDonald’s for that. Western diet is helping people grow here. Generations to come might have a bigger bust and butt in years to come. Males too. If the physique’s improve then the male populous may rediscover their sexual appetites and the birth rate will go up.

Also, you don’t need a high sex drive to get someone pregnant. Once is enough for most conceptions. I personally know a guy who had sex with his wife once a year and she got pregnant (he had low testosterone and she was unattractive… A bad combination) They’re now happily divorced. Oh, sorry I forgot the citation on that one…

Anyways, I’m bored of playing devils advocate dude. It’s all done in jest. We’re all here to help the original poster. Not defend the glorious Asian or Caucasian race, whichever one you’re from. Beards equal virility and wisdom. Testosterone produces beards. Don’t hate on them wingwang… No matter the color bro we are all human. Peace out


LOL, nice attempt at an ad hom. My beard is quite likely fuller than yours. How? You know what else T is associated with? Clarity of mind, which you have frequently failed to demonstrate here.

Again, refuting your own arguments. Younger generations are eating more meat-based diets, which you equate with high T levels-- and less soy-based ones-- but you claim they are lower T than ever and soy is the main culprit. Huh?

If you are low T, you are more likely to not only have low sex drive, but erectile disfunction and low sperm count. If the entire population suffered from this, you’d think Asians wouldn’t constitute so much of the world’s population.

You “forgot” to provide ANY for anything you’ve claimed.

It didn’t seem like it earlier.

The latter, not that it matters much.

Proof? Wisdom? How exactly? Plenty of idiots have beards. Generally, you grow a beard through lack of shaving. The kooks on the street back home all had beards, but were generally out of their minds.

Except in those people who don’t have as much hair as a genetic characteristic. It isn’t a marker of high or low T in males.

That’s not what I did at all. I only asked you to back up a single thing you said in this discussion with some kind of evidence. Personally, I love beards.


Soy products may affect beard in some degree, but it may not reduce the level of testosterone.

this is something I’ve never heard. Is this a fact or your opinion?


@imacelebrity stupidest s…i’ve heard in a long time. i grew up with native europeans,americans,africans and asians. we all ate more or less the same food and yet some of us have more facial hair than others, wow, my arabic friend has less beard than i do and i’m part asian…

what you’re implying is called lysenkoism, suggesting that organisms are influenced by environmental causes rather than genetics. this theory has been disproved more than a 100 years ago, why are u still falling for that?


Where did you grow up? And what does your friend being Arabic have to do with growing a beard? Part Asian? Are you an ABC? Do you love soy? So many questions here


Oh dude, you obviously don’t got a beard. Tons of my girlfriends said they loved my beard. That and my other obvious masculine qualities.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences, but there are indeed lots and lots of surveys and studies completed that clearly indicate women prefer men with beards. This includes Asian girlfriends of mine. They like something different, I guess. They’re not used to seeing beards in their day to day life, so crave something different and wild.

Once you’re over 20 if you haven’t got a beard you’re about 50% less attractive to women. Girls wear makeup to accentuate their looks. A good beard accentuates a man’s appearance. Undeniable really. The only people who hate on beards are guys who can’t grow them


You sound like having a lot of beard, so no wonder tons of girls attached to you are those who prefer beard. That doesn’t mean women are naturally more attracted to bearded men. Your sample may be biased. I personally prefer less bearded men, and many of my female friends too.


Even Jesus had a beard. If its good enough for the son of God it’s good enough for me. Dude’s were trend setting even back then.

It’s seems you’re a woman Tando. Perhaps try a bearded man for diversity. And by bearded I don’t mean stubble. Whilst girls like the look of stubble, kissing can give them a rash on their mouth. A good beard is soft and loved.

But hey, beard or not we are all one and the same.


So, um, you’ve seen a photo of him? How about God, he got a beard? Mind you all those Daoist gods in the little temples have beards so you might be on to something…


I’m not sure you’ve thought this through fully


People only shaved in the past out of some misguided thought that beards, or having facial hair, was some kind of failure of good hygiene. Similar to the western obsession amongst women that was started years ago to shave or wax their pubic hair.

Beards protect our faces from the elements and serve far more biological purpose for good then bad. Not to mention they look badass.


Fixed that for you.


This is not rocket science. :sunglasses:


Is that a recent photo or God at a rock festival in the seventies?


Well, recent is an extremely relative term when it comes to Yahweh. At least I didn’t include a picture from his goatee phase…