Tests to take a flight

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Yeah I was trying to think of an analogy with my name but failed, I’m afraid!

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I am in the US right now. Left last week. There is so much vaccine here it’s crazy. Got my first Pfizer jab within hours of landing at SFO. They’re playing radio ads basically begging the people who still haven’t been vaxxed to do so, and there are now even contests to try to encourage vaccination.

Yes, I’m a US citizen but the information about eligibility is crystal clear.

Do I need to be a California resident to get COVID-19 vaccine?

No. Vaccine distribution is based on eligibility irrespective of residency or immigration status.

If you have a way to get into the US I am far more confident (99.9999999999999% certain) you can easily get a jab than I am hopeful the situation in TW is going to get better quickly.


How long did it get for you to get the test done? Was there a long wait beyond your booked time slot?
I have an appointment booked for 0800-0830 time slot and I am wondering if I should expect it to take much longer. I plan to go there at 0730 to hopefully beat some of the queue.

We tested earlier at Tainan Kuo General hospital (but I believe this the last week that they offer testing). No complaints. The test is slightly more annoying than it was in US: higher up in the nose.

I got my PCR test at Shuangho Hospital (雙和醫院). The testing process took about 1.5 hrs. Most of it was just waiting in line.

The outdoor testing site is right by the entrance to the Emergency Department(急診大門). To reach it, turn left from the main entrance (where all the taxis are), turn right alongside the building, and then go straight. You should see a line or at least a group of hospital workers outside the Emergency Department entrance. See this map for more info.

I arrived at 8:30 am and was 21st in line. That day there were about 50 people total. I think they will accept anyone who is standing in line before 10 am.

Around 9 am someone will give you a sticker that indicates your position in line. They will also check your forms and ID and give you another form which you need to fill out.

Sometime later, someone else will come around and collect your documents and IDs. You will need proof of travel, your passport and any ARC IDs, photocopies of those IDs, and the self-expense COVID testing application form.

After a while they will return your IDs to you. When you reach the main entrance, you will be called into a tent area to another line. Once your name is called, you go into the testing room where they take a nasal swab. They give you a receipt afterwards.

You then take that receipt to the cashier inside the Emergency Department and pay 7000 TWD. As is common in Taiwan, my foreign credit card did not work so I paid cash.
After paying they will give you another receipt. Keep this to pick up your test results later.

You can pickup your test results at the main cashier inside the main hospital building. This is to the right from the main entrance.

You can only pick up your results after 7:00 pm. I went at 6:59 pm and they would not give me my results, so I waited a minute, took another ticket, and went back to the cashier. You will need to give them your passport and the receipt.


Sounds like they improved the process. Was quite bad (everyone crowded inside to fill out forms with no social distancing) when I did it.

Well, there is still no social distancing but at least it’s all outside for the most part. There is also no shade, so I imagine on a sunnier and hotter day it would be pretty brutal.

You have to show your flight info to get the test, though as closely as they looked at mine it probably could have just as well been a take out menu.


Were you given the test because you need it to fly soon? I think some hospitals will only give those tests if you need it to fly soon.
Did they give you results in both English and Chinese?
I wonder if what they are giving would satisfy an airline for what is needed for an international flight.

Yes, I was eligible for the test because I have an international flight soon.

I received two certificates: the test certificate and the lab certificate. The test certificate has English, Chinese, and Japanese while the lab certificate is in English and Chinese (mostly just English).

These certificates should satisfy what is needed, at least for flights to the US. They are definitely more official looking than the test certificate I got in the US before coming here.

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“PCR” test?

Did the PCR test certificate you got in Taiwan for flying state the precise time the sample was taken or only the date, but not the hour, please?

It listed the time down to the second (for example, 13:40:02) it also listed the time it was sent to the lab, and the time it was diagnosed. very thorough.


ok - it’s a bit complicated - I received 2 signed and stamped docs from Far Eastern:

  1. Identifies the date
  2. Identifies the date and time

Both docs indicate a negative PCR test - the only difference was the wording… At the airport I do not remember which one they looked at - though they were quite thorough in the review (checking name, test etc.). Once I arrived in the U.S they were not so thorough, basically a cursory review immediately after we deplaned (on the gangway). They scanned the doc and did not check name, date etc. (they took about 3 secs after I handed them the paper for my wife and I). In the U.S there were no other checks.


Oh, I didn’t see anyone getting their test results checked in Seattle. Must just be totally random. Eva in Taipei was very thorough in checking though, which I appreciated.

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Mine looked like the following. Cathay Pacific check-in desk investigated very carefully, and so did the departure gate staff at the Hong Kong Airport.

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I am planning to book a flight back to Europe and the destination I am going to does not need a COVID-19 test result certificate on arrival.

However, I am wondering if I need one to be able to depart from Taoyuan Airport these days?

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No clue. But if you transit anywhere, the transit country might require it too.

I have checked and my travel route do not require any negative covid-19 results on arrival.

I have been trying to find information about Taiwan’s airport policy but have not seen anything about needing a certificate on departure but it would not surprise me during the current strict circumstances.