Tests to take a flight

No one doesn’t like your “study”. But if you quote a “study” about how fast food is less dangerous than eating vegetables, and this study is sponsored by McDonald, please let us be a bit sceptical.

“Science says airline travel is safer than going to the supermarket if you follow the protocols.” We were just not convinced that “science” said so.

BTW, regarding your new study : The authors received support from The Boeing Company (HNW) by way of a subcontract to the Georgia Institute of Technology (VSH). :wink:

Again, how many imported COVID cases in Taiwan were passengers on flights into Taiwan where another passenger tested positive? I know of 0.

Anyway, if you believe that traveling on a plane to the US is too dangerous, don’t do it.

Really ? Did I say that it was dangerous ?

You are the one who tried to explain us than a 12 hours flight with 3 hours at the airport before, public transport before and after for most of the people on earth is less dangerous than buying groceries at carrefour based on a « study » sponsored by airlines.

I was just being sceptical about what « science » says.

hmm, somehow my question became combined and lost in a thread that isn’t really what I was asking. so I’ll try again:

Has anyone done the rapid testing at the airport the same day as their flight? or even heard of it?? (I keep being told that it’s an option but I have yet to hear of anyone do it).

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I think Landseed International Hospital in Taoyuan has someone at TPE taking rapid test at limited hours. From what I have seen most destinations require PCR tests.

If you only need rapid test it might be possible to buy the tests and have your doctor write a statement?

For US:

Passengers must be tested with a viral test that could be either an antigen test or a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT).

I’m really surprised (well, maybe not surprised, but definitely irritated) to read of booked tests being cancelled owing to the current outbreak, with no regard for people needing tests to travel.

It seems that Taiwan currently has a daily testing capacity of 13,276 tests across 112 facilities, so each hospital etc. can only do an average of 120 tests per day. That’s shockingly low, given that they’ve had over a year to prepare for an eventual outbreak.

I’d be curious to know what the bottleneck here is actually. I don’t think PCR machines/thermocyclers are all that expensive or space-consuming, and it would seem obvious that they should have built up enough spare capacity for if/when the shit hits the fan.


Antigen tests are kinda instant. So if you do not need PCR test you are in luck. I do not know however where to do them in Taiwan… Austria used them excessively, also some other European country where all people wanting to go shopping or to a cafe have to test every 72 hours.

I got my test at Taichung Veterans hospital at Monday morning scheduled. On the email they said nothing about the delays that were told me when I went there in person. The expedited PCR test there is supposed to be ready for pickup at 16:30 same day (they close at 17:00 – haha Taiwan hours) but locally I got told that is not true due to huge demand right now and 9:00 next morning. If I only had two vaccinations would not need that test :-(…

Actually for arranging the test they want a copy of your passport, your flight ticket and your ARC. Really crazy I fee - I do not like to send copies of such documents by email to organizations where I cannot trust their data safety at all. So maybe if you have flight same day they would just refuse - as they know your timings. My flight ist next day late in the evening.

Yeah that testing is really crazy here. In Europe the big labs now can do 50000 to 100000 PCR tests per day in one lab. Also at least in Austria they changed the testing from swab to liquid. That is so much more pleasant. Just slosh some liquid around in your mouth for 20 seconds. spit it out and get it tested…

Maybe they do not pool tests here. In Europe based on incidence they will pool the tests. If one is positive then do a smaller pool. If again one is positive then each individually. If they then created three categories - one PCR tests of people who want to travel (biggest pooling), PCR tests of asymptomatic people, and PCR tests of symptomatic people - they can save a lot of time.


Well Austria relaxed their rules today - so I think I am just gonna skip that test. For Austrian immigration 1. vaccine dose of EU approved vaccine is accepted (except when coming from Brazil, India, South Africa) if 22 days after the shot until 3 months after the shot. 2 vaccinations = 9 months. This seems to be more and more the European Union stance on things. First shot gives you from day 22 to day 90. Second shot gives you 9 months acceptance/no tests. Cleared infection is also possible for many countries. But then having been in Taiwan that will not apply to many.

I’ll be flying out to the US, departing on the 28th. Seems like the US accepts rapid tests, which is great for me. I know things are changing fast, but the plan is to get one on the 25th. Do we need to make appointments for rapid tests, or are appointments only for the PCR ones?

We have travel plans for 5/26 - based on “extensive”, i.e., called CDC and they referred us to a call a number of hospitals in Taipei…a number of the hospitals (3~4) we called had stopped COVID testing services (for paying customers). Also in our calls we were unable to find any hospitals in the Taipei area that offered Antigen Tests (vs. PCR testing). We luckily were able to make reservations for a PCR test to be given within the 3 day travel window. I would strongly suggest calling hospitals to schedule a test - given the current situation here in Taipei the options appears to be becoming more and more limited. FYI the option to take an Antigen a test at Taoyuan Airport was not available when we called today…

KLM insist on covid test and antigen test. Antigen test costs 3000 NTD but the covid must take place at a hospital or clinic. KLM is great but this is a downer. One must pay an extra 3000 fir an extra twst that could stop one flying.

I’m not sure if any of the self-pay COVID tests in Taiwan are rapid antigen tests? I just got one thinking it would be a rapid antigen and it turns out it was RT-PCR. Guess they just expedite it.

I got mine done at a hospital that doesn’t do appointments. You show up and they do as many people as they can in an hour, no exceptions apparently.

I would name the hospital but it was such a horrible experience that I wouldn’t recommend anyone use it.

Well if you are desperate, Taichung Veterans hospital you can apply online, still possible. Guess further south its much easier compared to up north. Maybe some hospitals closer to the HSR also offer tests. Some hotels are still open - because result you can only pick up personally (what a waste, in Europe this is all online. No-one ever picks up a result. You get a passcode to download your results, that is how it is done.

I am happy Turkish Airlines requires not test whatsoever - just state you have to follow the destination country rules… At the 5. pharmacy I tried they finally had N95 masks (FFP2 do not seem to be popular here). Carrefour and so on only have surgical masks and they are not allowed for Austria anymore…

I am more scared about when HSR gets shut down or airlines cancel flights… Things happen fast and at some point maybe regular flights are over and only special charter flights available. Good thing for anyone who wants to fly out that the testing is soo limited. If they could test much more, then the restrictions would come even quicker.

That’s only if you enter the country. Incase of transfer you need a PCR 72 hours before scheduled arrival at AMS.

Safe travels!

Where did you end up getting the test at?

Would this kind of mask qualify?

I wear this all the time, looks freaky but it is not only much more comfortable to wear compared to paper masks, it also protects you against anything 0.3 microns or so. So that means any virus hanging around in the air, assuming the mask is properly fitted (beards will make this fit impossible!). Plus the mask can be taken apart and cleaned regularly to prevent germs from gathering and causing problems.

Not allowed, has exhale valve. Austria only allows ffp2/ffp3/n95 without exhale valve. The n95 without are a bit a pain to wear longtime. It makes sense because with surgical mask most air just flows through some opening and not through the tissue. With cone masks this is better.but still enough ways to use wrongly…

Go with a gas mask into supermarket, most likely will be kicked out or police arresting you, leading you out. They all have some exhale mechanism and it will be tedious to prove that there is a filter, if there is one.

I can confirm my family was successfully able to get the test today. They will not take walk-ins and you must reserve online. We reserved a spot 2 days prior and the line took an hour. They are no longer accepting the higher fee for the faster test so the results will be available next day.

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Which hospital did you go to?
I’ve had my appointments cancelled in two different hospitals already. Need to take one next week.