Tests to take a flight

The following hospital offers tests - a bit of a hike from Taipei and more expensive than the ones in Taipei, but will provide a 3 hour turnaround. When I called they did not speak English.


I had mine booked at Taipei City Hospital - Zhongxing branch, but they cancelled the appointment. All other Taipei City Hospital branches, incl. Yangming, are fully booked for the following 2 weeks.
I also had one booked at Tri-Service after that, which was also cancelled.
I am now hoping that Far Eastern won’t cancel & if they do then I’ll try the walk-in at 衛生福利部雙和醫院.

As I said before, I’m referring to early morning walk-ins. That’s how everyone I know is getting them now. Nobody has appointments anymore that I’m aware of.

As of this morning Yangming had discontinued walk-ins (they did a ton of them the past two days) but Fu Jen was still doing them.

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Does anybody know if BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Home Test is allowed on flights to USA on EVA or United from Taiwan? This is the test the US CDC approved for the purpose but not sure if its allowed in Taiwan for check in to Flights to USA

Well, it does if you cannot find anywhere for a covid test before departure. Nobody seems committed to keeping this essential service open.

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For anyone who plans to go to the US and come back to TW, buy one of these and bring it with you.

I bought a 6 pack (you have to have a US address & US credit card to buy). Not sure yet if the Taiwan customs will allow import for personal use or not. Will see next week, I’ll report back.


Would be very surprised if they check your luggage for something like this. Airport customs in TPE has always been among the most unobtrusive customs experiences in the world for me.

I am having it shipped by a friend in usa via fedex. Luggage would be certainly no problem.

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Any news on where there are free slots to do PCR testing?

Many are walk-in only now but Far Eastern still allows to book a slot for both express (same day) and standard (next day) test results: 亞東醫院-自費採檢

You just have to call hospitals. It won’t be an appointment most likely, it will be early morning walk in. And it definitely won’t be free.

Landseed Hospital in Taoyuan

Of course with the usual foreigner discrimination pricing.

Completed a PCR test yesterday at Far Eastern - the website still has reservation availability - price was about $8000. When I called Landseed (as a backup in case FE canceled) they were about $12000, plus a hike to get there and back.

12000NT$ is the price for a foreigner who needs the result within 3 hours. If you can wait for 12 hours the price drops to only10000NT$.

Wow, was that always the price there or have they increased it recently? That’s ridiculous.

That are the prices I got from Landseed Hospital in Taoyuan

What would be the correct order. Book flight, then take test or take test then book flight?

If the test is only valid for three days and the flight gets cancelled, that would be a waste of a lot of money.

I think You need the flight ticket to get the test


You don’t have any guarantees anyway. They could cancel a flight a day before or even the day of. It’s the risk you have to take if you want to get out. If it happens, you could try to get the airline to compensate you. If you ask nicely, you might be pleasantly surprised.