Texans and Louisianians who live in Taiwan

So I am a new expat here in Taiwan (just settled in Xinyi in Taipei and am studying at National Chengchi University) and was born and raised in the Houston, TX area (I’m from Bellaire, TX) with family stretching from Houston to New Orleans.

I just wanted to start a topic for people living in the ROC to talk about their worries and their families and friends who live along the Gulf Coast who have been affected by Harvey. I weathered Allison, Rita, and Ike and sheltered family and friends after Katrina but feel so useless being 7,000 miles away from the disaster.

I just want to talk to other expats who have had to witness disasters from abroad and get advice on how to properly deal with it.

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Although not a native Texan, i’ve lived in the DFW area for a good chunk of my life. It’s pretty insane seeing whats going on and how much happened from one hurricane living in taiwan as typhoons happens regularly here. But the infrastructure there and houses are just not built for it. I just checked in with a couple friends and it’s worst than I imagined although they are ok. They are still rationing food at the grocery last time i spoke to them.

I’ve been in constant contact with my family and everyone is safe, I am lucky that only things(like my childhood home) have been destroyed. But I totally agree that the infrastructure is not built for the type of event that Houston just experienced. My wife is from southern Mexico and they go through these storms like the Taiwanese do, they have concrete houses (thanks Cemex!) that can withstand Cat 5+ storms and just have to move furniture upstairs, wait for the water to go away, and get on with their lives.

But seeing where I grew up, where my childhood memories are underwater is just so freaking intense.

Also don’t forget the rule, if you live in Texas for 6 or more years, you become a native!

Welcome to Taiwan. Hope you enjoy your time here.

I grew up in Waco but have basically been away for the last 25 years. I have no good advice about how to cope with being abroad and worrying about loved ones back home. For me that has been one of the hardest parts about being abroad. At times the only thing we can do is keep in touch with those back home and show our concern.

Right now my friend in Rosenberg is okay but still concerned about what still might happen in the area. My brother in Dallas…I do not worry about him…he would be thrilled to just sit in the house with a cold beer. Of course, if his fridge stopped working then all hell would break loose…

Welcome to Taiwan from a fellow Chengchi University alumnus.

I still have heard no news about my friend and his doggie. But bad news travel fast so I am not that worried yet.

I once met a woman from Louisiana in a nightclub in Taipei.
I:“Where are you from?”
I:“Yeah? Which state?”
I:“Cool! I…”(All of a sudden, her friend dragged her away from me, probably being jealous of me talking to her friend, so I was not able to know more about her.)

I’m most recently from the DFW area and have family there. I also have family south of Austin. Terrible storm and it will be awhile before they bounce back. I’m proud of how the Texans and other Americans are jumping in to help. No place is perfect but America is not a bad place.

My uncle and a bunch of cousins are all in the Houston area and thanks to our family LINE group, everyone is ok.

My one cousin’s house, which got flooded a few years ago, sorry forgot which storm, is flooded once again. I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like to lose all my belongings.

Some of the pics flowing around social media sites are quite heartwarming.