Text Message (African swine fever) From Government, Unnecessary?


I just now received this text from Taiwan government. Anyone else?

This text is not an emergency requiring urgent action, not applicable to many people, and unnecessary to use text.

Warning notice [Animal and plant epidemic] to prevent African swine fever, do not send meat to Taiwan for online shopping, offenders can be sentenced to 7 years in prison. If you return from abroad, do not bring meat products into the country. Offenders may be fined 1 million yuan. Agricultural Science and Technology Inspection Bureau 02-23431401 Type: Warning notice OKㄥ


Yep got it 12 on the dot. Joke of an emergency broadcast.


Not really. This is a necessary measure as locals insist on bringing sausages, dried and cured meats from China, and most have been found to carry this dangerous pathogen. Moreover, the fine is unusually high…to try to deter this behavior. That it still doesn’t succeed is another story.


Got it too. Thanks for the translation.


I was going post this alert here, asking what it is. Thanks @tango42 for translating so quickly.

What in the world does this mean, “do not send meat to Taiwan for online shopping?”
Do not operate an e-comm business in which you import meat that you then distribute to customers?
Do not purchase imported meat online?
Or something else entirely?




Thank you @tempogain I suspected that was it, but sometimes the English translations are bit perplexing.


Everyone got out of my elevator cos they thought it was an earthquake warning. Muppets.


I got it also. It’s because they have a major outbreak in China and pork is big business in Taiwan .


Mhh, quality pork from China. Makes my lunch biandang that much more tasty.


Just to show they are not joking, two guys, one Taiwanese, one Chinese, were fined that amount. Not only did they smuggled pork meat but it was infected.


Or at least, that’s what they want us to believe…


Who cares? It’s a text. You can turn off alerts for it. I got it too, and forgot about it 3 minutes later since I’m not in the import/export business.

Bringing infected meat into the country can really fuck things up. If sending an alert threatening jail time stops even a little bit of that, then I’m fine with it.


Why don’t they send us an alert to drink more water?


This seems important enough, as the spread of this infection will seriously affect our pork, which we are very dependent on. I had no problem with it.


If it gets to Taiwanese pork then be prepared to pay beef price for your biandangs. Oh well chicken it is.


Legal reasons maybe, considering the large fine. Nobody can say they weren’t warned? I thought it was a strange text to receive.


Then the Chinese will send more chicken flu - massive culling have contained it but if they mount a massive attack…

Bio warfare in the 21st century.


Apparently this African Swine Flu is serious business! They’ve already culled more than 600,000 pigs in China since August, but it apparently hasn’t been enough and isn’t working.

Taiwan customs has reported a few cases of people illegally smuggling in pork products which were tested positive for the disease. A couple more were caught earlier this month. They were only fined NT$15,000!


If the fine is only 15k I think many smart a** will still take their chances.