Text Message (African swine fever) From Government, Unnecessary?


Now the fine is up to 1 million ntd according to the govt text msg. That’s something that people will pay attention to. No more sneaky sausage smuggling.


Count your blessings!

Meanwhile in supposedly first world countries :canada: the government tries to send warnings about natural disasters and fails. :doh:


I was surprised as my phone was on airplane mode, had no WiFi connected and I still got the message.


Hawaii sent a false warning about a nuclear attack.
They even wrote 'this is not a drill '.
Nice one !


A little different.

Hawaii accidently sent an emergency message.

Taiwan purposely sent a non-emergency message.


Just for reference: NO MEAT FROM EVERYWHERE ELSE CAN COME INTO TAIWAN. No pork, beef or chicken.

So no more smuggling Spanish ham or chorizos.


Also, a fine of NT$30,000 was handed down for each of the meat products brought from Indonesia and Thailand, which were both found at TTIA, according to the BAPHIQ, which added that pork cured sausages from Hungary were also found at the same airport on a traveler who was fined NT$50,000.

Japan is also enforcing the no meat coming in. Watch some Chinese travelers getting caught. «But China’s products are safe!» they argue. Please note the disease remains in cured/cooked meats.


It seems Vietnamese and Chinese with ROC passports are not Taiwanese …A case of racist swine?

LANGUAGE ISSUE?A COA official said that despite data showing mostly Taiwanese had been fined, many of them were Vietnamese or Chinese with ROC passports.

While the council has said its data showed that most of those caught illegally importing meat products were Taiwanese, many of them were Chinese or Vietnamese spouses of Taiwanese traveling on Republic of China (ROC) passports, Huang said


When do you guys think that the ban will be lifted?


Is it me or the English in that article is horrible?


List of forbidden goods:


OK, German atoga was caught with several good looking sausages weighting 1.87 kg and hence fined 30k. Pic for your reference.


The typhoon texts were annoying. Since they sent multiple text for that


“Finishing the package / which food can not be brought back to China? Buy the wrong hand with a penalty of 200,000!”

Something wrong with Google translator or perhaps with the article writer???


Irish guy was done for 200k as well…0.73kg sausage or whatever…Ouch.


Any idea of what flights or combination of flights the guys took?


Linkie to story


It was not the flights. No meat is allowed. In case of doubt, yyou should ask and declare the item. He did not declare the item, went through, got caught, big fine. Ouch.


I know what he was fined for, thanks. But I want to know what flight or combination of flights he or they took, I will let you know speculate about the reason :wink:


China Airlines. It does not say if it was from Frankfurt or anywhere else in Europe, but it is implied.


The passenger came in a China Airlines flight from Germany.

China Airlines CI 62

Fráncfort del Meno a Taipéi

And again, it does not matter where you come from, dangerous or not area. When I called the office in charge, they said no meat from anywhere. They stated that very clearly. Do not try to game the system.