Text Message (African swine fever) From Government, Unnecessary?


Many people who fly from Europe have lay overs in Turkey, China and other countries. Obviously they can not do the screening for all the suitcases, so I guess that they don’t do it randomly but focusing on certain flights. True, even if they check mainly some flights, they could still do random inspections of the rest, but they should put more effort on the hot flights so to say.


No. The guy said they are checking all flights as they do not know where they have been. He was clear about that. I know because he mentioned the scenario you describe.

Recent developments: diseased pigs appeared in Kinmen. Fliaters from China? Bottom line: all pigs in Kinmen will be tested, all pork products and pigs from Kubmen banned from traveling to Taiwan proper.


^That pig corpse seems to have floated from China. It wasn’t a pig fed in Kinmen.


What scenario did he mention? Anyway, he won’t tell you that “yeah, we only check flights from China, so you can sneak some sausages if you come from somewhere else”.

A few weeks ago I was told by someone who works at the security check of the airport that it’s ok to bring blood sausages as long as they come in a good package. Also a friend just received a box from his family with stuff AND sausages… Obviously they do not check everything.


We know. But still, since there is a risk they might have been in contact with local pigs or other vectors, Kinmen pork are, well, forbidden…for at least two weeks.

And I do have this smallpox blanket suspicious feeling around this incident. I know Kinmen and Fujian are close andca lot of garbage floats from China to Kinmen, but a pig is really heavy…and it got all the way to the beach.

Enjoy all the paiku and dong puo row you can now. If more measures are enacted, prices will go up.


Watch your mouth young lady. Who are you calling pig corpse?


But I can not enjoy it at all!


I asked. He said they check all flights, not only the ones from China,since they had no way of knowing where the travelers had been or where they had purchased the stuff.

Just to show how strict it is, they fined travelers who brought in unfinished airplane meals. And no, they were not even pork nor from China. Chicken nuggets. From Japan or US I think.

Look if you want to risk a 200k fine, go ahead. Rules are rules. Mail goes through x rays - that is how they caught the foreigners smuggling drugs in books. Oh and they spray the packages. Yummy.


And so.


I asked my friend is coming in a direct flight from Spain. He said no, you can’t bring the stuff.


Again, one thing is the rule, another thing is what they tell you, and yet another is what they do. I know that the rule doesn’t mention specific countries, that it applies to all the countries including Spain, Germany and Groenland. But because they have limited resources, they are more likely using them in more “dangerous” flights instead of in flights from Groenland.





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I figured they would just have to check at the “nothing to declare” gate after baggage pick-up. Sit there with a dog or two, should be fairly simple and wouldn’t matter what flight you were on.


According to some discussion on flyertalk, Cathay Pacific has stopped serving pork on their flights out of Hong Kong. It’s probably not the right time to be eating pork in Hong Kong, either!



Anyone who keeps an airplane meal for later not only deserves to be fined but should be locked up for their own good.


Amen. That stuff is generally disgusting.


Agreed. It is very dangerous. Extensive efforts are made to ensure meals remain untainted when they are served under the extreme conditions of a flight. That does not mean that after being served, those conditions are mantained. Once opened, the meals are ubject to all kinds of nasties. To think about saving them for later is a no no.

We practiced the nothing goes out of the plane policy back when I worked them aisles. :grandpa: