Text Message (African swine fever) From Government, Unnecessary?


I think you didn’t really get gim.



Well, 200k ain´t small cash.

Pig positive with African Swine Fever found on beach in Kinmen

200k ain’t nothing if you don’t pay it

‘The measure comes following demands from DPP legislators in December, who were concerned hefty penalties were being left unpaid. Between Dec. 14 and Dec. 30, 137 people were issued fines for attempting to smuggle meat into Taiwan, although the number of those who actually paid their ticket is unclear.’


I don´t know if this belongs her eor in teh whack things in Taiwan: a pig carcass is found in the middle of Taipei, causes small concern regarding African swine fever. Heping East road. Yes, sir, in te middle of fancy Da’an district.

Was it someone’s unwanted pet? Or is there a pig farm in the middle of the skycrappers? African swine strikes in teh heart of the city!:cactus:


But has it been tested? has it thrown a positive?


They just found it. They haven´t even explained what the heck it was doing there.

My money is on dumped/escaped pet.


Maybe it’s being dumped by a Chinese secret agent.


Now you can make it at home!


Eh current conspiracy theory says it is being dumped by DPP gummit, though. Yep, that is what the netizens say.




K man.


The Kman is on the case:

What the heck is a musk pig?

See why I do not like that area? The poorest side of Heping clashing in the mountains with the high walled mansion twonhouses on the hills. Old veterans who have lost their savings and pensions in stock market/gambling/Mainland China wives build a hut in the mountains, a la Tresure Hill back in the beginning in 49…

Oh and Kman there was another pig found like in the middle of the street in Tainan. Seems like the solution to a sick pig, rather than face government scrutiny and possible losses if anything contagious is found, is to dump the carcass anywhere…


Well seems I am not the only one feeling suspicious:


I heard this swine fever is already raging in Europe (Eastern Europe and Belgium) thanks to Russia. I hope it doesn’t spread to the entire continent.