Text messaging via cellphone in Taipei

Can anyone on the spaceship tell me how to locate the Cellular Carrier for a 928 number in Taipei so I can visit the site and send a text message?
I know carriers here in the States like ATT and Verizon allow you to enter a cellphone number then send a text message to the phone. SO if anyone in the Taipei area is familiar with the services in the Taipei area, please send the website info to me. It is very important to this one.

Thanks. :wink:

Send a SMS via the web to a handphone? Try the cellular operator’s (carrier’s) web page:


0928 mobile numbers are Chunghwa Telecom. They have a free web-to-mobile phone SMS service, but it is only for use by subscribers to Chunghwa Telecom’s HiNet ISP.

Here is the SMS input page: Web2Air

I suspect web-based SMS services may just be a tool for harvesting mobile numbers to send SMS spam. The one on AsiaDragons requires you to supply your e-mail address in order to register. So does SMS.ac. Quite possibly another source of spam. Possible solution: Register with a throw-away e-mail address or Sneakemail.

ICQ web to SMS - You need an ICQ number. In Taiwan only good for sending messages to Far EasTone mobile phones, not Chunghwa Telecom - Sorry!