Texting to Canada

I’m sure this has been asked, but I cant find anything through Search…

My friends number is 002 1250 22 00 400(ok i changed the last bit) ;p
I can call her there, but what do I need to add to text?

She called me from that number twice, but every time another number shows up on my screen, starting with +867, but when I call to that, the number doesn’t exist…

help please?

it doesn’t seem like many Canadians text overseas:)

In your cell phone take out the 002 and put in a + instead ex. + 1 250 555 5555 and just save the number like that. Then you can call and text very easily. Although if you are calling I recoment using the dail out code 019 it’s cheaper :wink:. Let me know if it helps.

Two things to note:

  1. The number shown for incoming calls may not be the calling party’s number, it can be a ‘dummy’ number, depending on via which network(s) the call is routed (often happens if the call is routed via VoIP networks). It’s also possible that no number at all is displayed.

  2. Not all operators allow sending and/or receiving of text messages, i.e. in some cases it may work one way but not the other way. Or not at all.

BTW: ‘867’ looks like the Northwest Territories, Nunavut or Yukon Territory area code.

I tried the texting …haven’t received anything back yet.

Well I have texted back and forth to BC Alberta and the states the way I suggested so if it’s still not working then it’s likely a problem on their end. If the person you are texting lived out of a big cebtre the systems are different and may not be compatable. If they are anywhere in the lower mainland, calgary, edmonton, or the okanogan it should work :slight_smile:

Taiwan - Canada: 006-1-250-555-555

Canada - Taiwan: 011-886-9- 55555-555