TFETP is recruiting Foreign English Teacher (teaching license or certificate is required)!


• Work permit will be provided.
• Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP) is recruiting both Foreign English Teacher and Foreign English Teaching Assistant!
• Please apply through our website ( ). We do not accept application through other methods.
• More information can be found on our website, e.g. remuneration and other benefits.

:muscle: Job Description:
Foreign English teachers will work with Taiwanese teachers to improve the quality of English curriculum, teaching, and assessment, to enhance the professional standards of English teaching, to create a positive and immersive English learning environment, and to strengthen the overall English abilities of students.
:bangbang: More information about job duties can be found on our website!

:white_check_mark: Monthly Salary:
NT$62,720 to NT$91,420, depending on education level and teaching experience.
:bangbang: More information about salary and benefits can be found on our website.

:school: Location:
22 cities and counties in Taiwan. Applicants’ preferences will be considered but not guaranteed.

:man_teacher: :woman_teacher: Requirements:
• A native English speaker who comes from a nation where English is the official/common language
:bangbang: • Hold a state-issued teaching license or certificate
• Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher

:trophy: Visit our website to learn more about the TFETP program and the openings!!

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