TGI Friday's

Reading the Ruby Tuesday’s topic reminded me of a good customer experience I had at TGI Friday’s. I ordered the Fajita and when I was almost finished eating I noticed a chunk of porcelain in the shredded lettuce. I pointed it out to the server and she was very sorry and explained how a plate had fallen and shattered on the counter in the back, and a chunk had apparently flown onto my plate. She took the dish away, got me a new serving and she didn’t charge me for the fajita. So basically I got 2 servings for free! (but I could barely finish the second serving )

I once found a staple in my mocha mud pie at the Chongqing Rd. Friday’s. I was chewing on it and thought it was a particularly hard piece of almond, but it refused to dissapate, so I spit it out and lo and behold and stuff! A staple. Good thing I didn’t swallow that.

The staff there followed what I guess is policy and didn’t charge me, offered to give me another, which I turned down. Just wasn’t in the mood for another, and those things really fill you up. Think I’ll stick with the apple crisp from now on, though…