TGIF - smoking policy

I don’t know how many seguers smoke, but please bear with me.

My friend and I went to TGIF next to Sogo tonight for dinner. We naturally asked for the non-smoking section of the store, which was upstairs on 2F. However, when we went there there were still people smoking there too. In other words the area was a smoking area by default.

Now we complained to the manager who was apologetic but didn’t do anything else.

So can anyone tell me: what is the Taipei city law on smoking in public places, incl. restaurants? I want to be sure that I am on good grounds before I lodge an official complaint with the management/health department.

I do know that another restaurant changed their policy as a result of onoe of my friends complaining and calling, and their seating arrangements weren’t any different from TGIF’s. So can you point out the recent city law…? It should be in English, but I don’t know where to look

Best Wishes

The law requires that smoking and non-smoking areas have separate air-conditioning systems. I believe it also demands a barrier between the two and that the smoking area can be no larger than the non-smoking zone.

Why not call the Taipei health bureau for clarification and let us know the results? Tel. 2720-8889.

What is the law or regulation governing smoking in restaurants?

You might also try contacting TGIF headquarters and let them know about it.

[quote=“jeff”]You might also try contacting TGIF headquarters and let them know about it.[/quote]

I emailed them, thanks for the tip.

Waiting their reply which I will post for you!