Thai bars / clubs?

I have some Thai friends coming to visit in November and was wondering where the Thai bars/clubs are? I hear there are some in Taoyuan near the train station, but does anyone know their names/addresses? Not sure of any in Taipei and know there were 2 in Xinjhuang but are closed now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There’s a street behind the Taoyuan train station (Yanping Rd.) that has a string of Southeast Asian businesses: Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.

Thank you so much. Knew there were a lot of Thai laborers near that area, so will just ask around Yanping. Thanks again!!

Not to be a dick, but you might want to check with their friends to see if they want to spend their vacation time hanging out with overseas laborers. There is some snobbery between the classes in Thailand and you might be better served showing them the sights.

No problem and thanks for the advice, but actually, they asked me to find a Thai club/place(s). And yes, you are right about the snobbery remark as I know this to be true as I have been there many times (have a business in Thailand and will move there fulltime next year). And yes, I have a long list of places to take them to as they are here for almost a month. Thanks again.