Thai food in Tainan

Just wanted to plug this reataurant because I really enjoyed it. It’s called Thai restaurant and it’s in Tainan. Great food, attentive service and moderate prices in a warm and exotic atmosphere.

It’s called “Thai Restaurant?” Really? heh. What’s the address?

Not sure about the address in pinyin, it’s across from a baseball stadium though. Yes that’s the name. ha. address in chineses- 台南市體育路43巷2號

The baseball stadium on Jiankang Road? That’s the only one in Tainan.

Actually, the best Thai food in the Tainan area is in Rende Township. It’s not a fancy take-the-family-out place, it’s a basic working man’s restaurant aimed at the Thai factory workers who work in the area. So you can be sure that the fare is pretty authentic. The owners don’t speak English and they don’t have an English menu, but they do have a menu in Thai/Mandarin with pictures so you can point at what you want (or just communicate in Mandarin if yours is good enough). It’s relatively cheap for Thai food, only 100 NT for a big beef or chicken salad. Good Singha beer, too. I don’t know the address, but it’s on the other side of the superhighway overpass, past the new Carrefour on Dongmen Road #4 - turn right at the first big intersection in Rende, then take the first street to your left. It’s great but probably a little hard to find.

There’s also a good place around the corner of Dongmen/Linsen Road, across from the supermarket on that road (hard to miss, there’s only one supermarket on Linsen).