🇹🇭 Thailand | Bangkok, Koh Samui Suggestions

I’m heading to a conference in Thailand and spending some vacation time in Koh Samui. It’s my first time in both these places, I would love suggestions of things to do and eat.

I heard Bangkok actually has amazing cheap local cuisine and fine dining as well.

First time in Bangkok and KS? (I know you’ve been to Phuket)

Yes. First time in those places.

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If you get tired of the beach in KS, rent a car and drive around the island, you can stop at beaches, overlooks, towns and scenic spots on the coast and inland as you go. If you have time do the same in Koh Phangan (which is quieter and nicer all around IMO).

Bangkok the royal Palace and main temples are one of a kind places you should make time for. You can shoot between them on riverboats. If you like durian etc. go to Or Tor Kor market, eat lunch at the food court then pig out on fruit, best on a weekend when you can check out Chatuchak weekend market next door.


There used to be a combined ticket for Vimanmek and the Grand Palace, though I’m not sure it’s open to the public these days. The Ananta Sanakhom Throne Hall (beside Vimanmek) is also worth seeing, if it’s open.

For the sheer wtf-ness of it, don’t miss the world’s noisiest passenger train doors on the airport line! :crazy_face:

Jim Thompson muséum in BKK.

And the food court in Siam Center.


My friend is a part owner of Hippo’s Gym on Koh Samui. Low fee for entry. It’s a basic, open-air place to work out. They can arrange muay thai training if you’re into that.

Hippos gym
+44 7557 350591

Hippos gym - Google Search


Oh that’s cool. Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure if I want to train when I’m there but I’ll definitely check it out

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Eh, I didn’t think much of the Grand Palace myself, though I guess it’s somewhat obligatory for someone’s first time in Bangkok. I finally went there with some friends in December and mostly just wandered through feeling like I wasn’t getting 500 baht of value out of the experience. I guess it depends on how much one enjoys old buildings. :man_shrugging:

The daytime highlight for me last time (excluding friends, food, drinks, and substances banned in Taiwan) was a day trip to the Maeklong Railway Market and Amphawa Floating Market. Can also do a boat tour around several temples from the latter (I think five or so — I managed three before losing interest). Probably need to hire a car and driver for the day to do that conveniently and comfortably (as we did), but that’s pretty cheap to do in Bangkok.

Agree that the Chatuchak Weekend Market is worth a visit too.

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I was glad I did it but I enjoy old buildings. A good market is always a fun stop. I think I’ve been to Amphawa. Koh Kret is similar idea on a weekend, Don Wai is a pretty good tourist market too.

I’ve been to another closer to the city too (don’t remember the name, or if it’s one of those). The boat trips are nice though!

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