Thailand real estate?

Anyone heard about buying land/house/condo in Thailand? - what are the prices like and where does one go or not to go. I was told just about any foreign national can own land outright under Thai law.

anyways u cannot buy land there. U can only do a freehold lease for like 35 years or something. It is renewable though. As for any good locations , i cannot tell you. Maybe the north in Chiang mai county.

You can own property in Thailand.

This information is based on recent discussions with friends who have purchased or are going to purchase land in Thailand.

Foreigners cannot legally own land in Thailand. However, they can legally own an apartment/condominium. To own other kinds of land/property there are ways to go about it. The simplest way to own other kinds of property is to register a company which must have a two million baht in paid up capital. The other easy way is to have a Thai partner.

Another is issue is that the land title system does not work as well as in some other countries. If you want to purchase land you need to be sure that you have the proper title. The government is currently planning some sort of minor land reform policy to give farmers proper titles to land so this may become less of a problem in the future.

It is really best to hire a good lawyer to make sure everything goes smoothly.