"Thank you" blood drive in Taipei next week

I’ll try to get to one of them


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I went to donate blood a few years ago and was not told I was ineligible due to living in the UK when I was younger, and I filled out all the application forms. Ultimately I could not donate as I had a cold at the time. They should have asked me that first. Strange rule.

Taiwan also basically banned all Europeans (who lived in EU longer than 10 years) due to the outbreak in the UK.

Strange that they didn’t say I couldn’t donate due to that.

I remember when I first tried to donate blood in New Taipei many years ago and they told me I couldn’t because of Creutzfeldt-Jakob. I think I just stared at them for a full minute before that really registered with me, it seemed so absurd.

And now they’re on PTT complaining about foreigners that shut down over this…obvious thing to them. :grin:


Even when I told them that I’d never been to the UK and, then again, when the (Taiwanese) person that I was with, who was allowed to donate, said that she’d lived in England for three years.

I tried to donate today but was turned away after registering and answering the questionnaire because I can’t speak Chinese and the doctor didn’t want to deal - despite having somebody there who was translating for me.

They don’t want my blood!

Bilingual Nation by 2030 ™

Have patience! Only 9 years to go… :grin: