Thank you forumosa!

I will post, at random, shit that has increased my pimpness.

Pimp increasing Forumosa ingredient #1:


ironlady turned me on to this shit and it’s the main reason my Chinese is anywhere near being pimp.

Thanks Forumosa (and IRONlady.)

Factiod #3 about’s ability to make it rain pimpness on them hos:

BIG PIMPIN’ FACTOID #2 - BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu)

It was on forumosa that I ran into… this fly ass ninja-pimpin’ ass dude, that you all know, but may not know of his connection to BJJ. Anyhoo, I got on some BJJ mailing list, found out about a black belt coming over, went to a class and got choked out (this is like 2 years ago) and now I’m BJJ KING OF TAIWAN!!! All thanks to



Game Club has gone through many peaks and valleys in terms of attendance and pimpness of play, but I’ve met a bunch of interesting people through the club and made some new friends even. During my first year in Taiwan it was pretty much the only think I had to look forward to, well that and letting my sword dine on blood of pirates disguised as ninja-pimps (see quoted text.)

What’s up Forumosans,

I think I’m hitting a tipping point where FAME and RICHES will start flowing like snot out of the nose of a three year old on a frosty Milwaukee morning. And I, in VERY large way, have these here forums to thank.

I won’t name names or anything like that, but the forums have provided as a very useful tool for me to learn new things and meet awesome people. Pretty much ALL of my writing skills are a derivative of things I’ve picked up through frequent posting. I am very grateful of the experiences and people I’ve met that are DIRECTLY related to my frequent interactions with this forum.

OK, I’m going to say one name. A HUGE thank you to jlick for picking up on my almost UNQUENCHABLE thirst for learning and turning me on to economics. I LOVE that stuff.

OK, and one more… to Tigerman for being a Daoist OG… and Hobbes for also dropping knowledge and taking me golfing that one time… and… I better stop… OK and to Mother Theresa for hooking me up with that Thich Nhat Hanh book which I already had a copy of, but THAT is the kind of stuff he was always hooking up… To EVERYONE that’s ever attended a Game Club session and been SMACKED by the MIGHTY HAND of MILTOWN gaming MAGIC… to Andy B for also dropping MAD knowledge on a young kid trying to figure shit out… to the Friday night beer drinking crew… to my wife… to Taiwan and the people there… to the noodle cooking lady around the corner… to Alleycat for hooking me up with a job after I got out of the hospital so I’d have something to do… to Gus, Anthony and Chirstina for making it happen to continuing to make it happen… to Yellow Cartmen for schooling me up on the PiMP game… to Magdalicious for adding all sorts of flavor to life… to Frostfox for being DOWN… to Tetsuo to providing the LULZ and letting people know the Innerwebs are serious fucking businesses… to Adoa (Paul Manning) who took me under his wing when I first landed and was a shitty (but fun :slight_smile: ) teacher and employee and schooled me in the ways of Taiwanese Living (as a foreigner)… Tash for letting me rant to her about all of my mad thoughts and not telling me I was crazy (too often :wink:)… the Taverncaptain for ROCKING… Man… I could go on and on, but I have to get ready to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was there for five years and ran into SO many people who were SO helpful and I truly thank everyone. I might be jumping the gun a bit, but I doubt it. Things are starting to happen really fast and I have REAL people backing me now (not just my imaginary minions of mayhem :slight_smile: .)

Here’s the most recent (yesterday) happening: … uture.html

If I can ever do anything for anyone just drop me a line. [my forum name]

I hope this doesn’t look to self promoting as I genuinely wanted to say thanks to the forum.

peace love and chicken fingers!

oh and to jdsmith for letting me teach at his school and also schooling me at teaching (and all things life.)

I know people are going to get left out, but TRUST that I haven’t forgotten. You might have to wait for the book. :wink:

[quote=“Omniloquacious”]Be sure to keep on posting and keeping us posted, MTK.

Your posts are always a bucking-up blast of zestful positivity.[/quote]
I wanted to say thanks to Juba for keeping my grammar and spelling in check and thanks to Omniloquacious for being a lvl68 Pimp-Ninja-Wizard-Warrior in written kungfu, but I couldn’t spell your name… :frowning: and Omn didn’t seem like it would cut it.

Thanks to mniloquacious for being a lvl68 Pimp-Ninja-Wizard-Warrior in written kungfu! :smiley:

I can’t forget Namahottie for being an ENCYCLOPEDIA of wisdom, much of which she acts totally unaware of. :wink:

[quote=“cfimages”]Well get your butt back here for a visit. I never got to meet you but I’d have liked to.

Best of luck.[/quote]
I’m shooting for this fall to hopefully compete in the same Taiji tournament I competed in in '06, but this time take the gold in the moving step arena.

Don’t be surprised when you get approached. :wink:

[quote=“Josefus”]Jeez…the noodle lady gets mentioned?
I’m hurt. :frowning:[/quote]
You didn’t get forgotten. I doubt anybody did. As I was sitting there spewing stuff out I’d get bombarded with at least 3 names for every name I wrote. My fingers couldn’t keep up! Your name popped in my head at least twice (I remember it poppin’) just never at the correct interval. :slight_smile:

If anyone ever feels left out and makes noise about it, I’ll gladly pop in and “update the list.” :slight_smile:

Thanks to Josefus to introducing me to the arts of partying like a foreigner rockstar. :beer:

Wait and see what happens when I come back… lol

And to Tainan Cowboy for… dang, I wish I had a quick way of fishing up that image he sent me in a PM once. Anyway watching web MONSTERS like TC battle it out is the FUNZ

Oh, and Blueface666 (or whatever the hell his shit is now.) CS or some shit, I don’t know. He’s LONG been one of my FAVORITE posters. An almost endless supply of LULZORY!

The name slips my mind now but so was that dude with the spider as an avatar… Wolf… Spider Wolf… some shit.

I’m sure Mother Theresa (and others) will find where I’m in route to right now. I’m current at my grandma’s house in Osage, Iowa on my way to:

Looks like it should be a SUPER fun weekend.

I obviously had a day of manic craziness when I originally started this thread BUT at least I had a smattering of an idea of what lurked around the corner…

I wasn’t going to say anything about it until I got a hard copy in my hands, but I got picked to be on the cover of a Business Magazine (and the center article.) The photos turned out right sexy too. :wink: On top of that the owner of the magazine asked me to do monthly articles about Social Media and whatnot (something called Casey’s Rants or something… lol)

[Link to website]
[Link to PDF version of that issue]

I’m not going to take the time to reread my original post, but I am TRULY grateful for the time I’ve spent posting here on Forumosa. It stepped up my writing game to levels well beyond what would have been possible from classes in high school (or college for that matter…)

So how long does it take for the riches to follow the fame? :laughing:

Nice! Well done.

Fucking A!

Nicely done!

Very nice! I’m sure Sinister Tiddlywinks would like to know about this.

Cool! Congratulations!!

&%#@$%* YEAH!!!

Good on you MTK!
I guess we should start calling you DA “Case-uh” now. :slight_smile:

Wow! Proud of you, buddy! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know you were that famous, to be honest. I’m not familiar with internet much. What is this You Tube they speak of in the article?

That’s wack man. :laughing: