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This has been happening to me all day today (well, not literally, but I need to make a point):

A Taiwanese guy approaches interested, smiles and says:

So is it true?

Every other day ? How come I always meet you on the wrong days ? :help:

Oh sure, who wouldn’t want to meet that standard…I mean, in a country (half) full of Croatian chicks, hell… :howyoudoin:

Every other day? Look, Tash, I’ve told you before. This DOESN’T make you frigid. It’s nothing more sinister than a low sex drive. Get better-quality sleep, eat plenty of veggies and you’ll soon be ready for IT morning noon and night, just like everybody else.

Wait a minute – Scotland isn’t even ON the list. Oh dear!

I’m thinking I’d be happy with 88 days a year (of course more would be even better)…

She just needs someone with a little more stamina. Remember, it takes two to erm whatever.

They don’t count sheepshagging.

Perhaps the results were skewed by an abnormally large number of Croatian bukkake parties. For example.

I’m not sure which demographics they included in the survey. If it was 74 to 94 year-olds… yeah, it could be true. But I don’t know any healthy or in the 20-50 group that would find that acceptable.

Another reason not to believe the survey is that it puts Serbs only in the third place! :loco:
Come on! Every sane person knows Serbs fuck like mad. And I don

I must be greek. And my poor ex was deffinately Taiwanese.

order goes like this Greece, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the ranking is on the far left column, the number of sex over the year 2005 span is on the far right column. This is based on a survery from Durex (the company that makes condom in case you didn’t know…doubtfully) published in Hong Kong with 41 countries and over 300,000 participants while 2460 of them were Taiwanese. The one that rank the lowest is Japan. It also made a note that Taiwan’s birth rate is number four from the bottom which of course can be correlated with the amount of bed time “activies”. :smiley:

Must be something in the Balkan water supply…

yup, what’s up with the ex. Yougslavian