Thanks for the laughs Forumosa!

Ok, well sadly I must say that I have to leave Taiwan-- and get a job in the US. I think this year was particularly fruitful for me, learning Chinese and working at a newspaper company at the same time – yes, I even taught English on the side as well!

I know a lot of people think I make some hilarious statements on here, but think their remarks are just as funny as well.

Anyhow, I will miss all of you hooligans. Enjoy Taiwan and don’t fuck around with the ladies.


Glad to have had you. But there’s nothing stopping you from popping in now and again from the US – that thar Intarweb thingy is pretty damn big.

Is that an order, or are you coming out and informing us that you prefer men?

Is that an order, or are you coming out and informing us that you prefer men?[/quote]

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I will follow your admonition and desist from the prepositional “around” and “with”. :slight_smile:

Sorry to see you go. I always wanted to restart the thread about the lack of Asians in Hollywood movies. Having seen lately just how much money the movie lobbies pay to have their interests represented overseas, which translates then into federal tax dollars being spent to promote the industry around the world, I think you have good cause for complaint. No taxation without representation. But this will have to wait. :slight_smile:

A “newspaper company”?

Wolf wrote[quote] A “newspaper company”?[/quote]

Wolf, I think you meant A “newspaper company”!! :astonished: :astonished:
i.e you forgot the two round things.

Take care, but as sandman pointed out, they got internet in the US. You don’t wanna quit at “Breakfast Store Laoban,” do you? You gotta keep posting so you can make “Martyr’s Shrine Guard.” :slight_smile: