Thanks Japan

Cue Godzilla

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Claire Corkhill, reader in nuclear materials at the UK’s University of Sheffield, who was not associated with the study, told CNN that tritium has been released into the sea in countries around the world and on numerous occasions, and the procedure has a “low impact on organisms.”
“The most conservative estimates of how much carbon-14 they have still puts them below the Japanese legal limit for radioactive discharge to sea,” she said.

Sometimes the solution to pollution really is dilution.


The best solution to radiation is distillation. That’s why my gin diet is so beneficial.


On the positive side, could the resulting DNA mutations we are about to receive potentially make us stronger?

Only if we cull the people who grow two heads.

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that’s not quite how evolution works.

Godzilla movies, on the other hand, do very well on that premise, so I’m gonna say YES.

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I was thinking more of an incredible hulk type scenario, all within the boundaries of modern science of course.

Perhaps we’d evolve to have perpetually sterile hands

I’d advise keeping this lovely scenerio in mind the next time you think that continuing to rely on nuclear power is the best way forward for Taiwan.


The same kind of disaster would happen to any other nuclear power plant around the world if they encounter the same level of natural disaster. The issue is with nuclear fission and how its safety is dependent on multiple layers of fail-safe to… not fail, and when natural disasters strike, there’s no way to guarantee safety.

Actually, that reactor has a pretty stupid design. In event of power failure, the fuel rods were not automatically quenched. in fact, the opposite happened: the quenching mechanism needed power to operate, rather than having something unbreakable like relying on gravity.

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how well do you think these plants are designed, built, and operated?

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Oh, all top notch. Couldn’t be better! and the management systems in place are best in the world.

One word. Homer Simpson.

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Press the any key to stop meltdown.

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Everything is fine![1]


[1] Until it is not.

But the bottom of the deep blue sea is full of radiation tooooooo!!!

I feel like that was a thing about Chernobyl clean up. Washing the radiation off the trucks and other stuff coming out of the exclusion zone cuz it would hopefully go right past the ground water and into the ocean, which would make it “insignificant” compared to the radioactive levels of the ocean.

If we’re not going with mass solar/wind (exponentially cheaper by the year, btw), what option that isn’t going to kill us all in the short term (coal) is avail besides nuclear energy?

Like how sea water and sunlight breaks down plastics…but hey why fight with Greenpeace? They would never lie or take money from like big oil and support natural gas companies and constantly put down nuclear energy at every turn bc I guess, it’s clean and would put them out of business. :idunno: :whistle:

Not always, like some well knows beer brands … you just drink more and that results in more urination.