Thanks Sony

Thanks Sony… for sponsoring the 101 fireworks.

New Years wouldnt have been to the same without your wonderful sponsorship. :unamused:

After anticipating 15 minutes of fireworks I must say the 101 display was lame. And the icing was the crappy “by Sony” tagging.

Rant over.

Not very discreet, was it? I think the “by Sony,” was actually prefaced by a new product name.

Gotta love the commercialization of holidays. I can see it now, “Lunar New Year…brought to you by Uni-President, Ben-Q, and Vitali!”

yeah it was the bravia (or something like that)… sonys new TV line. scumbags.

You’re welcome. Also, we have installed a rootkit on your computer.
If you want to see more fireworks, buy one of our Bravia TVs.
We are control all your base.



I made the trek up to Taibei for that so-called fireworks show. 120 seconds of tiny fireworks followed by two hours of trying to get the hell out of that area of Taibei, stuck with a female I don’t even particularly like who whined about having to go to the bathroom the whole time, all while my blood alcohol level remained dangerously low.

I would have had more fun downing yaojiu in my podunk little town.

Worst. New Year’s. Ever.

Haha, I thought the lights and fireworks were really nice…until we all looked at that thing and each other and mouthed…“BRAVIA?” Wtf is Bravia? How cheesy was that? Man, if this was broadcast all over the world, how embarrassing. It was in reallllly poor taste, I felt. :frowning:

Ah, I’m glad I didn’t miss much.

I couldn’t quite see the fireworks from where I was standing…

Yep, but I bet - in this country/market - it will help Sony sell truck loads of the damn things.

WOuld this thing need to have been sanctioned by the city council? If so they should be embarrassed. I cant believe the air time Ma got… probably the only city in the world that concentrated more on the mayor and less on quality firework-icle entertainment for the masses. :raspberry:

The fireworks looked cool I think, but again, the SONY thing was a total disappointment.