Thanks to doggie anti-depressants, I have a 'new' dog

Original Title: I have a “new” dog.


I just came back from South-Africa. While I was away, Sambuka was being her normal self, tearing up anything she can find, eating anything, chewing herself, waking my flatmate up 3 times a night, eating her own poo etc.

It got so bad that my roomate refused putting her in a shelter (as I suggested when things got too crazy) because she was too scared that another persons place will get ruined. I went to vets back home who all told me that Sambuka sounds depressed and it sounds like she has seperation anxiety. With her background, it didn’t surprise me much.

The vets prescribed Clomicalm. It’s an anti-depressant, and I’m pretty much against anti-depressants…but after almost a year of having a dog that resembles a 2 yr old infant on LSD, I decided to try it.

WOW!!! Sambuka is much more relaxed…I can actually take her for a walk without her body harness, and only tie the leash to her collar. Before, she pulled on the leash so much that she basically strangled herself and made these terrible gagging noises while walking. She also frantically searched for food while walking, always with her nose on the ground. I could NEVER take her off the leash…I took her to the park by the Yung-he river a couple of times, and she just kept on running…didn’t come back for about 10 minutes. Now, I can take her off the leash, she runs in circles around me…listens to me when I call her, even when she is running to other dogs, she will stop, look at me, and then come back.

She doesn’t eat so fast anymore either…

I was scared that it was only a sedative, but she still plays and runs like mad when she plays with her toys…

What are your thoughts on anti-depressants for dogs?

And she doesn’t eat her own poo anymore. And I can eat without having to guard my food…she just comes to rest her chin on my leg…not actually jumping up and sitting there gagging on all the saliva being produced from watching me eat:)


What are your thoughts on anti-depressants for dogs?[/quote]

That you need to give me your vet’s number so I can get my dog on them. :laughing:

Unfortunately my vet is in South-Africa. I don’t understand the vets here sometimes. I’ve been to many vets here and they all say ‘she’s just being a dog’. Sure, she should be free in the wild running around like a beast, but couldn’t they have offered me something similiar?

Or is psychology a taboo in the animal world too?

Anti-depressants often are addictive. I suggest decreasing the dose daily to the minimum dosage that still helps. Your dog proably will have a better and longer life with the medecine. Just keep the dosage low.


for the first week she needs 2 pills daily. Then one a day. I don’t want her on it every day…when I can spend a lot of time with her, I will propably just give her half.

I wish I could take some myself!!

Well, hopefully your dog won’t hang itself. New dog sensation.

I think they should be tried as a last resort - and it seems to have worked beautifully for you and Sambuka, so I say good on you both! :slight_smile: