That bloody autocensor

What to do about the auto-censor?

  • Turn it off and leave it off
  • Leave it as it is
  • Expand its list even further.

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Penny Ur is an author of English-teaching books, and as an English teacher I would like to be able use her name without having it ‘corrected’.

The oldest city in the world was called Ur.

I don’t frequent the IP forum and when I use the word bush I’m referring to the plant. Why does it have to be capitalised?

I’ve just typed the word ‘ENGLISH’ in capitals, only to have it changed to ‘English’. Why are my words being changed?

I can’t shave my pate, I can’t eat pate, because this stupid bloody machine assumes I’m talking about Taiwanese street names (and changes it to pate.

And I have used the word ‘chink’ in reference to armour or curtains more often on this site than I have in reference to chinese people. In fact I’ve only ever used it as a racial slur in discussions about language or auto-censors.

This fucking ( :unamused: ) auto-censor does not improve clarity of communication. It doesn’t stop insults. It doesn’t make rantheman begin sentences with capital letters. It doesn’t teach people the difference between you’re and your. It serves no useful purpose. It simply fucks around with what people have to say and pisses them off.

Please turn it off. Completely. Forever.

Thank you.

Moderator’s note: I edited some of the auto-censored words in order to make the post more readable. Click the “quote” icon, and you’ll see the work-around I applied to the auto-censor…

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