That Edit deal


I see that my last post with a couple of images got edited to do something with them.
Right now I just paste in the link and the image shows up in the Preview window.

Should I be doing something different with them when composing posts?


What did you get a notification that “system” edited your post? That seems to happen a lot when posting images. No idea why it happens, or why it feels like it has to tell you about it, but it doesn’t seem to have any ill effects.


I just saw the little pencil guy and wanted to see if I’d fucked something up is all.


OK, good that you weren’t bothered by an an unneeded notification then. I think I’ve gotten them before. If you click on the pencil you’ll see “system 25 mins — downloaded local copies of images”. My best guess what it’s doing is downloading copies to ensure that images remain even if links eventually go down.