That Full Scoped Album

I for one would vote for this one, as it serves on all fronts!
[color=#800000]Van Morrison - Astral Weeks[/color]

we might have
this converse,

But no matter:
I say,
it deserves

I mean,
after all,
“Can you take,
Detention!?” … banquet-19

I can’t stand Van Morrisson. Sorry, GingerDude. :bow:

I can’t stand most Rolling Stones either, but Beggar’s Banquet is a masterpiece. Well played, Tempo Gain. :thumbsup:

This is a complete album:


Best thread all year. Move the fucker out of Temp. :bow:

This might be best one

Brand X 1977

Phil Collins playing the drums

crumb duck

Funny, that one crossed my mind as well!I don’t quite hold it in the esteem I once did, but a very worthy choice.

You were on track with Miles but it wasn’t full length.

How Much difference does an M make?

Both you guys have my desert island discs but here you two go:

I dare you. Double dare you.

I’m quite fond of George Benson - White Rabbit

For several no good reasons at all:

Oscar Brown - Sin and Soul is another one. Last vinyl record I ever bought

For Sabbath, I have to vote for this one! But you can’t go wrong those first 3 or 4.

Randy Newman: Sail Away

Talking Heads: More Songs About Buildings and Food