THAT Party.....!

A friend of mine is having a party…

THAT magazine is having a party at Saloon (No.107, Sec.4, XinYi Rd) this Saturday, 25th January, starting at 10pm. It’s a great deal… 2 drinks + the magazine sent to your home for a year + wicked DJs in a fabulous environment… there’s a “cool little visual enhancing gift” for the first 150 people, too… it will be a stylin’ night with the people who are helping make Taipei look great! NT$600 entrance…

I’ll see you there! If it’s anything like parties he’s done before it will be a good one ! There, that’s the best recommendation I can give it. Well, apart from seeing me drunk in the flesh… (minus thong, however!)

Th-th-th-that Giles?

Yup, I’m gonna be there too… :sunglasses:

What is “THAT” magazine.
Please tell us about “THAT” magazine.


Hmmmm … wonder if I’ll be allowed out to play that night …

Despite my utter devastation at not being able to see hexuan in a thong, I’m planning on going. I’ll need a few drinks after the company weiya.

You’ll probably need a few drinks after seeing his drunken flesh without a thong. :shock:

Don’t be afraid – I’m assured there’ll be many clothed people there, too.

And it’s the perfect post wei-ya party THAT you should go to!

I’m going to see who’s there - what do stylin’ people look like? I’m curious!

Bloody hell, Hex, PLEASE keep the thong on! :shock: :shock:

Does that mean you have a permission slip sandman?

Kind of … I’m being chaperoned and kept on a tight choke chain.

There was an article in the TT today about the numerous local English magazines, like That, available in taiwan these days. I’ve never seen any of them, though I haven’t been looking either. Where can one find them? Caves? 7-11? Costco? Bars? Wedding studios?

i think you’ll find them in foreigner-dense places. i see “that” at shida. also would assume you could find it at grandma nitti’s and 45. not sure about the other ones.

i’ve also seen that in tower records - dunhua and hsimendinagling

I think it is kind of boring without a live band. But that is probably because I am not a very social person. I left when they started collecting IDs in preparation for possible police inspections. Anyway, I also wanted to catch the MRT.