That "POC" school

Most everybody that comes here has at one time or another taught at a school that either ripped them off or tried. I am no exception. Some schemes that are employed:
Get you here with a promise of the required 14 hours per week. Keep in mind that it is damn difficult to maintain yourself at 14 hours per week even at 600 per hour. - Say no!
Others will tell you a variety of BS excuses to withhold taxes. For example, " We paid them in another persons’s name to keep you legal so just go file your tax return without this income and you will remain legal.
Start yelling " Bullshit" Loud and long. Keeep whatever pay documentation you can get from your employer. Especially if it is supplied per hour and per hourly pay. If nothing else, they will try to deposit to your bank account. KEEP THE RECORDS.
To get a new ARC, you will have to show your last year’s tax receipt. They will not accept that your boss told you da da da da.
Demand the receipt from your employer.
Now, they wont give it. No problem. Don’t going ballistic and tearing shit off the walls. Just take ANY info you have and go to the tax office. Explain the problem. THe attendant will take some notes, and , trust me on this, you will get a FULL tax accounting within a few days. Usually you will also get a call from your old principal cursing you for even considering that he/she would do ANYTHING illegal.
Just thank them and take the new info to the tax office.
You know, it seems that every school tries this shit as they are starting. It NEVER works out. If you submit to being a victim, then . . . . well, so be it.
They MUST submit your tax payments. What is even more important is that you MUST provide last years tax receipt to get your new ARC.
I know, I learned by experience, just like you. Don’t get angry but be firm. Words like, " I guess I better call the tax office and have them explain this to me", The tax office said I need to submit receipts". If all else fails, as in my case, several years ago, Give me the fucking receipts and pay the money over or I will see you in jail." Don’t do that up front. It worked, but only after my ARC was about to got South.
Bottom line: If your school sounds crooked - they are. Quit and find a real job. There are many schools that want profesional teachers. If you are one of them, them, stick to your guns and seek the advise of othewrs who can help you. Count me in that number.