That thing on the back of your bike for carrying stuff

I’m drawing a big blank. What do you call that metal thing on the back of a bike that you sling panniers over? The carrier?

My wife?

Edit: Sorry, I just read the title and quickly responded.

The rack.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]The rack.


Oh fuck, right. Thank you.

I’m writing an article on cycling around Hainan Island. Having to repeat “That metal thing on the back of your bike you carry panniers on” was taking up too much of the word count. :laughing:

But if you’re being paid by the word . . . the metallic structure astrut the rear wheel, which can support panniers . . . :laughing:


So is it wrong to tell an endowed female bike rider that she has a really nice rack, as I observe her Jandd? :wink: