That was interesting

Uhm, I hope this is not how most interviews are done in Taiwanese companies.
I’m no clearer now than before I went if they’re interested or not…?
First off they where 10 minutes late for the video link interview, but hey…
Then the woman I was talking to hadn’t read my CV so I had to do a quick breakdown on my work experience.
Then I had a chat with her for about 45min while we waited for “the boss” mainly her asking me if I had any questions… :noway:
Then I had a 10-15min chat with the boss, starting over from the begining until she told him she’d already been through all that. They didn’t tell me what position they wanted me for as such, but hinted at something different from the one I’d applied for.
Then I was supposed to talk to someone from HR but as they had 3 other interviews going on the boss had to go and she never made it, so I sat around talking to the first woman for a while longer with her appologizing for the other people.
And that was it!
I had an ok chat with the UK manager and he was going to send them an email with some additional details.
Strangest interview I’ve ever been on…
The UK guy reconed that I should hear something back next week… :astonished:

as in all job searches my friend,


then chose what YOU like.


Hmmm, hard to tell if they’ll make you an offer or not. But it sounds like the company is comparatively very well organized.

A friend of mine works for Avermedia California. He’s one of their product managers and usually has interesting comments to make about the Taiwan (Zhonghe) colleagues of his.

Let’s just say it’s a typical local company… Your story sounds pretty local to me :neutral:

Haha, oh well, I guess there isn’t much to worry about then.
I have to say that my experience so far for applying for jobs in Taiwan has been poor, only two companies have even got back to me and half of them are rather large international companies…
Oh well, it’s not as the possible job(s) I was offered are bad, but I guess I’ll just have to wait until next week to find out

I’ve had that experience several times. They sometimes do that when they think of several other positions that could be more suitable. Sometimes, these are internal positions that they didn’t even post. They might have liked your personality and experience and want to “fit” you in the company.
Also, the person who read your resume and called you in for an interview, may not be the person who is interviewing you. The “boss” usually didn’t read a thing.

Have fun with those interviews. Make sure you ask all the usual questions: bonus, when, stocks, paid sick days, ect.

TheLostSwede -
Just for fun, ask them to fax or email you specifics about:

  1. The job being offered
  2. Any benefits offered
  3. When you would start
  4. What they are looking for

That should be fun.
I have noticed that it is much different doing business with Taiwanese companies living off the island and when you live on the island.
Good Luck with your search.