The 10 Most Popular Misconceptions about Oscar Wilde

Strange init?

Here’s the Guardian’s article: … 28,00.html

oscar is wilde, and thorton is wilder…


I first heard the phrase “decorative arts” on an episode of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” in which Wilde stopped at Dr. Quinn’s town as a part of his lecture tour. Later I learned that it wasn’t just some dandy subject, but actually had relevance to things I was interested in. Tibetan culture, for instance.

As for Wilde, back then the scandal was that he had homosexual relationships. Now the scandal is that he had heterosexual relationships.

I saw a book about the revival of interest in Greek culture in 19th century Britain, which shows how intermeshed it was with the gay subculture there. It seems that dons liked to study Plato with their young charges, in hopes that they too would desire a “platonic” relationship, as it were.