The 2009, 2010 and 2025 threads - Rules might be usefull?

Everybody can start threads - me included. Though there need some further guidance from the Mod’s here:

What makes sense :
Quakes and Typhoon threads per year - as we could imagine the # of responses and getting them organized per year is

What movie are you watching 2009 (to be closed Wookie) and now 2010 , maybe also for the # of responses generated

What does not make sense:
Costco 2009 and now Costco 2010 treads,(no hard feelings Divea), but lets not start making spin-offs for the sake of creating threads IMHO.
Or I might miss some rationales as I only studied till my 14th :ponder:

Don’t agree, ceevee. I think any topic that is going to get continued indefinitely, and for which the latest information is much more revelevent than the oldest (who cares what Costco had on sale 2 years ago), should be managed somehow. Years seem a logical place to split threads and archive. :2cents:

Quakes, typhoons, news and crime page threads can reasonably be done by year. Locations, store hours and card policies for something like Costco are more enduring, but on the other hand, the remainder of the threads are usually on product availability and quality (or more frequently of late, lack thereof), and that info goes stale quickly, so it’s not a bad idea to have a new thread each year. :idunno:

I’d say the mods in each area can be trusted to make a reasonable decision on the matter. :2cents:

Dear Ceevee,
I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. I think someone mentioned it in the thread and I thought why not?? My mistake.

so, "Where can I find … 2010 is the same rational as things constantly change also?
The mortgage thread 2010 etc :ponder:
Well, weall have different opinions , and therefore we call Forumosa democratic

PS. The use of “sticky’s” might be more adequate, which are lesser seen here than on other similar sites ?

This is also my position. At the same time, I encourage this kind of feedback, because it makes us reflect on our decisions. Thanks, ceevee! :notworthy: