The 2020 Forumosan Presidential and Parliamentary Election

This is not a poll asking who you think will win.
This is a poll asking who you want to win. Vote now!
As meaningful as the Time Magazine vote for person of the year or your money back. Guaranteed.


  • (1) Soong, James
  • (2) Han Kuo Yu
  • (3) Tsai Ing-Wen

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  • Democratic Progressive Party
  • Kuomintang of China
  • New Power Party
  • Taiwan People’s Party
  • People First Party
  • Stability of Power Party
  • Religious Alliance
  • Congress Party Alliance
  • Taiwan Renewal Party
  • Chinese Unification Promotion Party
  • Formosa Alliance
  • Taiwan Statebuilding Party
  • Labour Party Taiwan
  • New Party
  • Taiwan Solidarity Union
  • Green Party
  • Taiwan Action Party Alliance
  • United Action Alliance

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Happy voting!

Is the religious party blue or green?

What?! The Trees Party isn’t running this year??? :astonished:

I have to check again. I didnt see any in party lists. When i get home.

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Is there a place I can read about each party? Any of them call for a new republic?

Pirate Party member here. Fuck the government’s ban.

Vegetable English has it in the bag. Korea Fish is unelectable.



No trees party found.

No information on them. Wikipedia gives me grey as their colour.

I was wondering about the tree party as well…

Is it because he thinks Korean fish supporters are stupid?

I thought I’m the only one here. Cheers, mate!

Are you Taiwanese?

How many places on earth can one type this, and be taken serious. Imagine how that must look to someone not from here. Classic.

The korean fish is a worry. Not always will an english vegetable be put in the bag over a well advertised korean fish promotion.

Don’t know if Religious Party is Green or Blue; I think they’re socially conservative, and grew out of the anti-gay marriage movement.

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image Not Taiwanese but a permanent resident.

Anyone else who wants to vote, remember that voting closes at 20.00 tomorrow!

Statebuilding Party

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And the Taiwan Action Party Alliance.

I wish they’d call themselves the Taiwan Action Party Alliance of Statebuilders so I can call them the Tapas Party.

Please sir, can we releasing the results now good sir?

Sorry! It automatically opens at 20.00 tomorrow. It was set that way.

What a gipp.

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