The 2021 Factual Thread On Cops Having Bodycams:

And this better footage:

Well, good that the unadulterated video documented facts are there for all reasonable people to se—oh wait

I think NYC’s murder rate is up like 41%

The city had recorded 447 killings as of Tuesday, a 41% increase over last year and the largest number since 2011. The number of people shot has more than doubled last year’s total, nearing a 14-year high.

OK. Woke Americans demanded body cams. Let’s see what we can see and then match the data coming in. Should. Be. Enlightening.

Nothing like biased media. I’m sure you’re aware JD, but I wonder how many others know that George Floyd had a lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system when he died. Therefore it is not clear that he died due to law enforcement action.

I’m also reasonably sure most folks aren’t aware that this was withheld from the public for two months while all sorts of mayhem ensued.

Yeah, however, the end of that video is grotesque enough that an argument based on whether or not the knee exacerbated the situation should be hashed out.

This is what I think is going to be interesting. More body cams means more charges of popo wrongdoing. This Minneapolis video is a clear cut what? Justified shooting…by several cops? The perp obviously and factually shot first. They responded with ten or so shots. He shot out his window? So? Was anyone hurt? Did he have to die? Here’s the footage. Have at it.

I’m glad I’m not a cop or a robber.

Totally agree (assuming a fair trial).

As we all should.