The 2022 NY Yankees Thread

It’s hard to get into baseball in the UK because the games are on so late for us. Yankees vs Socks tomorrow at 8:10pm eastern time is 1:30am in London.

Hence the recap!
Most of baseball is near free— the following day.

I don’t enjoy watching sport that’s not live. Probably too impatient, but I can’t get into it.

The recap is a four hour ball game condensed into 8 minutes. Also, define live.

Live is as it is happening on planet earth.
Part of the beauty of baseball is you can put it on, disappear for an hour and then come back to it. It’s not so very different to cricket in that regard.

You gonna fix that f8cking typo? :rage:

:heart: All fixed.

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Yankees 17 for their last 19 games. Beating up on CWS.

Lost last night with a late inning deliver choke.

Watching Moneyball cuz baseball!

Here’s the streak:

Nasty Nester is at it again.

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I haven’t followed MLB for a while. Is there anything particularly special about the Yankees this season, apart from having the best record right now?

Their bullpen is deep, starting pitchers are solid, and the twin towers are smashing the cover off the ball. Solid D all around, with the exception of SS.

Baseball is very sexual. Hubba hubba.

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Severino is on point. Bullpen is tight.

Early success is a double edged sword for the Yanks. I seen it. I seen it all fall apart. :grimacing:

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Except for Chapman. He looks done.

He sucks…pitching scared.

Oh please. He’s doing fine. When he suck’s I’ll let you know. :laughing:

You watching the games, or just looking at the line? He’s not looking good.

I’m waiting for Green to get going, my team needs holds.

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