The 53 Released Russia Investigation Transcripts and Document sh8tpile

My gut tells me that these 53 interviews are going to be interesting.

This is the no spin list.

This is the House version with Adam Schiff’s upfront spin:

The Susan Rice one does not disappoint.

What McCabe stated next was truly incredible. He told Berman that he then learned that Flynn has arranged “surreptitious meetings” with the Russians. He explained that this was akin to investigating someone for drug dealing and then learning about his meeting with drug dealers. The problem is that there was no evidence of a crime of any kind against Flynn. Moreover, this was not a “surreptitious” meeting. There was no reason for McCabe to know about the communications of the incoming National Security Adviser with foreign officials. It was not “surreptitious.” Flynn reportedly told the transition team about the call and that the Russians wanted to talk after the newly imposed sanctions against them. It is not “surreptitious” just because McCabe did not know about it and he did not reach out to the Transition Team.

It was perfectly legal (and unsurprising) that the Russians spoke to the incoming National Security Adviser after the imposition of sanctions. Trump had stated publicly that he wanted to reframe the relations with the Russians and indicated that the review would include the sanctions. The conversation was both lawful and consistent with the position of the incoming Administration.

He also stated that he still fears that Flynn was a national security threat. Why? Because he spoke with the Russians about their opposition to the new sanctions?

The most surprising element of the interview however was not McCabe reinventing history but the complete absence of probing questions about these contradictions or the allegations against him personally in this case. For example, while McCabe was saying that he would continue to stand up for career Justice officials, there was no question about his reportedly cutting off another high-ranking official who raised concerns about this aggressive pursuit of Flynn. McCabe and James Comey were discussing the use of the Logan Act, a flagrantly unconstitutional law, to create a crime upon which to prosecute Flynn. The law has never been used to convict a single person because it is viewed as a direct violation of the First Amendment. Was that raised? Of course not.

In this story, McCabe is not a new analyst. He is news. Instead of pressing him on these conflicts and allegations, he was allowed to rage against Trump, Barr, and Flynn. It is a new twist on echo journalism. McCabe the CNN analyst was echoing his own false account and calling it news analysis.


The false stories that the Intel Community fed to the media, CNN (Tapper), the NYTimes, The Washington Post suckered them into Believing. Every. Single. BREAKING NEWS BOMBSHELL. I was amazed at the scope and volume of the sh8t that came out after Trump won, that I immediately shut it off. How could they have not already known, said I? How could Trump, a media figuredhead for years and rich douchebag for decades have gotten away with hiding ties to German Banks and Russian mobsters, PUTIN for god’s sake…How could the FBI, NSA and dozen other Intel groups not have known and shot down his perverse candidacy in 2015? Were we that weak? We got only that he is crude, handsy, unfaithful and generally a piece of shit. That description fitting FOUR POTI just off the top of my head.

Turns out, well, no. The Media, big general broad strokes here, the Media got suckered, bamboozled, and now embarrassed again and again and again. The big bosses didn’t care. Ratings were through the roof. The Trump economy kicked in. Advertising revenues went vertical. Nowadays, I know what kind of question will be asked before they ask it because the reporters have been pigeonholed into ever shrinking narratives. CNN puckering anus Jim Acosta will try the “Have you stopped beating you wife” approach. PBS box checking intersectionality fingerpointing expert Yamiche Alcindor will go for the righteous indignation testicles with her iron boots. But no one cared. Reporters wrote books about Trump. They carved narratives and got rich, hawking their wares on their own networks.

And now, it s all falling apart. And my guess, not hope mind you, is that they will recover their wits and their skillsets and turn their gaze back to the assholes to fed them shit, told them it was tiramisu, and made they look like fucking rubes. They will sharpen their pencils and make media great again. Because we sure as shit need them to.

BTW, I’m kinda waiting for the media to digest these transcripts. I can’t copy sentences. I’d have to post entire pages. A lot of it is procedural ping pong. But the good stuff is there.

Like this:
Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice said: “I don’t recall intelligence that I would consider evidence.”

Gowdy goes after her too. It’s worth a read. :smoker:

Saying they didn’t have any evidence in the interviews, then during lunch going on CNN and saying there was evidence.

NUNES: Well, the 302 is still missing, Maria.
So here is what we know. This report, when it was taken down, after that report was transcribed, we had people at the highest level, the FBI, come and brief us. Plus, we have other sources that also gave us the same information that the FBI agents essentially said, look, there’s nothing to see here, Flynn wasn’t lying.
And that’s what we were told on the record. So we knew this at the beginning of 2017. So you can imagine my astonishment when it began to leak out in the press that General Flynn was being busted for lying to the FBI, and that that’s what the Mueller team, the dirty Mueller team, that’s what they were going to bust him on.

His only crime was pleading guilty.

And this to boot:

President Obama himself personally directed former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates to investigate Flynn for having routine phone calls with a Russian counterpart. He also suggests they withhold information from President Trump and his key national security figures.

“I know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn,” Biden said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when George Stephanopoulos asked what he knew of the FBI’s operations in early 2017. He later admitted that statement was false.

The cards are falling.

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