The 6 nations finale!

who is going to win the 6 nations?

  • france
  • wales
  • ireland

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so who’s going to take it? i reckon the irish will hold the welsh dragon off and the french will do it, what say you? i’m not a french fan by the way. just curious.

still a little bit peeved at losing to the French on Saturday. I almost jumped through the roof when O’D scored, but when the ref was shouting ‘Use it. Use it’ at Stringer at a ruck in the Irish 22 and he did nowt, you just knew they were going to score. The french deserved it, but still…

As for who will win… not too sure. I don’t think the irish have really put it together yet and I think the main problem is a pack that while honest, lacks a little in getting over the gain line. (The back row seem a little short on that front, though Johnny O’Connor seems a real good scavenger at no 7.) They rely to much on kicking for territory. I think the Irish will cope better with the Welsh backs than the scots did (would be hard to do any worse than that first half performance) but just a little to close to call.

would love the irish to win but can’t see the italians stopping less than 40 against a resurgent french team.


Their first half performance against the Scots on Sunday was absolutely fantastic rugby. They can be forgiven for fading in the second half, I think. Haven’t seen them play this well in years, hope they can go the whole way… Was really disappointed that the Irish lost - a Grand Slam Final woulda been great.

Rushed to the travel agents this morning, picked up the ticket and I’m off to Cardiff for the match. Come on Wales, make this trip worth it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: or :frowning: :frowning: if those sneaky Irish beat us…

Lucky so-and-so…

Ireland Wales matches have always been tight ever since I’ve been watching rugby anyway. We’ve never really hammered each other that often. It’ll be 15-16 as it always is, and I would have to go for Wales as they appear to have been reborn on the sly without warning us first.

Sadly France are going to humiliate Italy, so it’s likely to be a Welsh win overall, but I obviously voted for Ireland above.

[color=green]I gotta feeling the whole world will be saddened by the results. And no, I am not a French fan either.[/color]