The 666 thing

Did anyone notice that more than one Taiwan TV newsroom seemed to think that some mumbo jumbo about 666 (June 6, 06) and the possibility that George Walker BushJr (count the letters; oooh, ahhh) waranted top story status last night (Monday, May 1)?

I couldn’t catch the Chinese, but there were lots of gothic graphics and shots of Bush. I don’t get it. It’s not even May 6th yet. What gives?

I did a search on Google News and nothing came up but this little piece of tripe in the Denver Post. Could this be the work of China? Use the media here to piss off Bush, or something. I just can’t figure how this is news. :help:

667, the neighbour of the beast

by taiwan “media” standards that in fact is newsworthy. maybe not as much as a board blocking the street or a wild mutt blocking access to a home for hours, but still worth some cheesy graphics and analysis