The Abortion Debate Thread

People have different morals/values. You cannot just impose yours on others. Society maybe often have to choose majority’s morals on controversial things.


Majority does not equate to being right. History has shown this many times.

It’s my view that abortion is murder, no different to any other form of murder. It may even be worse than other forms because of the innocence of the life being taken. I don’t enforce/impose that view on others but won’t remain silent if the topic arises.


Yes, of course. And, minority does not equate to being right either.


“My view” does not equate to being right either.


No. But I never used that argument.

I didn’t use that argument either.

Wait what, are you suggesting women who gone trough and abortion should be incarcerated as we do with other people who committed murder?

Abortion is rather common, we would be locking up women in the thousands for multi-decade prison sentences

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So you’re argument is it’s OK because it’s been going on for X years, therefore it’s not a bad thing.

No, I wasn’t making an argument.

I was asking, are you suggesting women who gone trough abortion should in your opinion be treated as other murderers as well, including incarcerated?

I never used the argument that majority does equate to being right either.

I know that will never happen. And I’m not making a legal argument for punishment.

Many forms of murders are justified by laws, btw.

Did I accuse you of that?

Did I accuse you of that?

That doesn’t make it right.

Yeah, but the other guy was suggesting abortion is something perhaps comparable to child murder(the innocence of the victim etc) - which is not legal in any jurisdiction I’m aware of

It depents on what being right means.

What do you think it means?

in what context? and what did you mean?

In the context of this thread.