The advantages or disadvantages of having an EU citizenship

I would recommend against giving up your freedoms for the right to be ridiculously taxed and treated like the unwashed masses before coming to Taiwan.

But life here has largely stayed normal so far. As others have said, you’ll have to do your 14 + 7 before being unleashed on the masses, but after that it’s largely just wearing a mask and keeping your distance, except in lines which somehow still get too close for non-covid times. Power adapters, specialty items and foods, proper converters, and you should be fine. Just don’t plan on leaving for the near future, though hopefully that will quickly pass as well.

You’re gonna have to elaborate on that.


It seems off topic, no?

No. I’m just unsure what you’re actually trying to say.

You replied to me and I’m confused over what you mean by that.

Perhaps I misunderstood you, but it seemed like you were recommending getting a passport from an EU country before he leaves.

I was. In a similar vain of if someone is close to receiving an APRC before leaving Taiwan, to recommend to get it cause it doesn’t hurt to have extra rights and privileges.

He mentioned he’s American.

Ok, and I was mentioning that that is a spectacularly bad idea as EU countries generally don’t honor personal rights and freedoms. As I said, this is off-topic.

Well… to be honest, that, I can accept as an opinion, for sure, but there are real advantages to having one. I’m not suggesting that he renounce his US citizenship. It’s additive and it doesn’t subtract from your rights.

Supporting a corrupt system which doesn’t value human rights always subtracts from your rights, even if not directly.

Having citizenship doesn’t necessarily mean you support a particular system if you ask me.

Living there and paying taxes is far more supportive than simply having citizenship. And since we have 30 countries that give us full living and working and movement rights, it can be far more freeing to choose where you want to live since there you don’t need visas.

And I have more ability to influence policy because I can vote and each country runs under a different system.

I’d like to hear why you think human rights are not respected.

Freedom generally. It is manifested in speech laws, in the freedom of association, in the freedom of religion and in the freedom to choose healthcare. Generally the EU is abysmal on actual rights, as opposed to pretended ones.

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