The Ambulance took my bicycle

I fell off my bike today on Academia Sinica Rd lane 50 (the mountain route) and cut my leg (not bad but bloody). My wife mistakenly called an ambulance. I did tell her not too, but there was a lot of blood. When the ambulance came they took my bike, left with lights flashing, too. I went home in my car.

Was your bike hurt?

There’s something witty I should say right now, but instead I’ll just ask whether the ambulance was driven by a priest.

Or maybe a homeless guy ? They will take your bike anyday. Well bizarre indeed, but hope u are ok. Maybe something was lost in the translation somewhere. They put your bike in there and then told you to get in and then you got a ride from your wife and then they forgot the bike was in the ambulance? You can call 119 again and report your bike was taken by an ambulance, but that its ok, no need to hospitalize the thing?

Of course it is, ambulance do go back to the hospital, you know, unless driven by the priest that is.
fox, I hope you did get a Tetanus shot?

I did get a tetanus shot.

I went to the emergency room at the Tri-Services hospital in Neihu. I had to wait in line behind some kids who had all taken ecstacy and one of their friends had had a blow out. We were all treated to the spectacle of some drunken guy making a complete asshole out of himself, while his pretty, but humiliated wife and bewildered son watched on as 6 men tied him up in some kind of blanket technique. I’d never seen that done before. They swaddled him into incapacity.

The bike is at some fire station somewhere.

Could you imagine piling your bike into an ambulance in Australia? FOR FREE! Very friendly and sympathetic paramedics, too.

Taiwan definitely has its many up sides.

It says it all :bravo: