The Andromeda Strain

On A&E. Probably have to wait for the DVD to come out here if it ever does. I really liked the book and then was not impressed with the first movie. This is a two part mini-series.

Another version? Jeez… the first one is on tv so often it might as well have it’s own channel.

This one has hockey in it.

This one has hockey in it.[/quote]Does the strain play hockey?
No! It eats the puck, that’s got to be it.
Hmmm… now I’m hooked. (tweet! that’s a penalty)

I thought I saw a face off.

[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]I thought I saw a face off.[/quote] That was just John Travolta.

I thought you had made reference to a mess left by Cassiopeia’s daughter. Andromeda stain. I crack myself up. Really I do.

I watched the first episode and tried to finish the second. Lame.

I guess that’s what I should expect from made for TV stuff. I remember being excited when The Stand came out and only the first five minutes of it was any good.