The "Anti-China youtubers" vs the "shills"

So im sure yall forumosans have heard those terms before, china haters/anti china and ccp shills.

Some of the following channels are.

Anti china:
Serpentza, laowhy86, china uncensored, china in focus, primeinchina, YGZ Taiwan

Gweilo60, Barret (Oli and Lee Barret), Daniel Dumbrill, Jayoe Nation, Living in china.

The reason i am mentioning this is tbh its getting hard to know who is telling the truth as both sides sound convincing. Im guessing the OG serpentza and laowhy86 are the most legitimaye but then again jayoe nation has been in China a long time aswell.

The names anti china and shills are names given to each other by the opposite side.

Whats your thoughs on this.

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I saw a guy in China talking about how much freedom China has because you can drink outside, :rofl: and in America everyone has guns and it’s not safe. Then he waxed on about how friendly Chinese police are, or something. Usually the obviousness escalates quickly, there is not much subtlety in the shill game.


None of them are Anti-China.

They are anti-CCP suppression because the CCP cannot go one minute without controlling something both inside and outside its borders and the CCP attempts to control, intimidate and coerce people inside and outside China. People who say anything remotely negative about China or its government are harassed, kidnapped and sometimes dragged over the border INTO China. China is a country full of conflicts of interest. Serpentza and Laowhy and their videos only spoke the neutral truth until the government decided to harass them for that.

The CCP shills are often paid to do bits by the government and know that they can’t ever complain about normal things in China. It’s not healthy. They’d never be allowed to go anywhere to say anything.


yep drunktard60 lol

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110% correct yet they are called that by the other groups known as shills. Guess the ccp money or something must be good lol

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China calls EVERYONE that says anything that is not positive about China, AntiChina.

Or they call you racist cause they know accusing someone of racism is the easiest way to muddy the waters.


Yeah if they’re not 100% bootlicking, they’re probably not a shill. CCP likes no ambiguity when they open the wallet for beer money.

The guy made a shitload being a go-between for the flood of Chinese nationals immigrating into Canada. He has a dog on the race with China. His folksy “aw shucks” stubble jumper-ness is grating.


The antiChina Youtubers all have a a pretty Esl-esque knowledge of China. I used to like Serpantza and Laowhy86 when they did their motorycle stuff and everyday China life. But their understanding of Chinese culture and politics etc is just pretty minimial and cringey

The Shills are just that. I think a mix of them are genuine, as in life in China can be pretty nice and convenient. China has a lot of good things about it and I understand why they enjoy living there. Some of them are just pure opportunists and in it for the money. A few are also just in denial.
They all have handlers and MCN and lists of things that they can say and not say.

The audience for the shills is not really the West anyway, its Chinese audiences on BiliBili or overseas Chinese.

I dont think either of the two groups you mentioned are very interesting or have interesting things to say about China. Its all just very meh

I do like:

Laolei and he has some English content now

The best content on China is the more academic and deeper podcasts. Recommend:

China Talk


Google scholar is also a good one. It usually pulls up mountains of articles on any given topic.

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-Serpentza and laowhy tell the truth.
-They don’t say enough positive things about China.
What Einstein said about the Chinese 100 years ago was telling, prophetic
-Serpentza’s native S Africa is a mess for the last 30 years; seems like he should draw comparisons from time to time. Jacob Zuma encourages shooting whites with his support of the song “Shoot The Boer”
-I assume everything you say about China anywhere in the world can be held against you …. in China to go to Internet cafe and you have your passport photographed. Orwellian and getting worse

Guilo tells the truth on matters of no significance, playing it safe so he can continue to live in China

LeLe Farly is also good. Pretty funny dude

This guy is a classic

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Love Dashan tbh

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He is the real deal, and pretty funny

Its just a real achievement to get so good at Chinese and even classical Chinese. Especially as he went to Beijing in early 80s

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He is great. Love the way he turns his abilities to making people laugh


I call people trying to improve a place patriots. Regardless of whether or not they align perfectly with government programming.

You know why taiwan is better? We CAN say shit about the government and not get arrested and our families threatened and our businesses shut down. That isnt anti china, its pro human rights. You know why Taiwan is better thanthe USA? We dont use guns in place of our ideas and voice.

Being vocal about things that are going wrong with the place one lives makes them a patriot, not an anti whatever. People need to remember the difference. Also remember to change if it becomes apparent the idea is wrong or flawed. I talk smack about taiwan too, not just china. But its real, and i dedicate my life, time and money towards trying to imprive it. As do countless others. This shouldnt even be called patriotic, we used to call these people citizens. And it should be standard procedure.

No. it’s not hard.
Pro China everything is great shills are in the pocket of CCP.

And Chinese will probably string up a foreigner these days who is openly negative about any political or societal stuff while living there. At the very least you will be deported. Worst you’ll be put in a black jail or used as a pawn for political ransom.

Good try at false equivalence though.:clap::clap:


Recommend following Uncle Mikey. Chinese guy living in Sweden who attacks the shills

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