The Anti Peak Woke Thread Thread

I’ve no idea what you are on about. Who is moving to Europe? Our international org generates huge sales revenue in places such as China, therefore we can afford to pay them US salaries, but we don’t. But if we paid a black guy less than a white guy in the same role, or a LGBT less than a straight in the US there might be uproar. Funny how equality works isn’t it. Same for companies such as Nike or Apple, completely full of shit.

By mentioning Apple and Nike you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you want to pay $5000 for an iphone or $1000 for a pair of Nikes made in the USA? Just because a company generates a lot of sales does not mean it can’t completely absorb the cost base of producing everything in the US or paying US salaries. The math does not work.

So Apple and Nike are full of shit because they don’t pass your 100% purity of equality test. Easy for you to criticize but it’s not realistic. There’s plenty of opportunities for people in the US with high salaries in design, merchandising, finance, marketing, operations etc. Etc. You don’t need a factory in the US to be able to make any claims about pursuing equality. And if that’s the standard you’re going to place on every company then be prepared to pay the premium that goes along with it. Put your money your mouth is and stop buying cheap shit made in foreign countries.

You keep pulling up your own arguments to argue.
Something something moving to Europe, manufacturing in US. Nobodiy mentioned any of these things.
Complete waste of time engaging with you.


My arguments? Tell Apple and Nike to pay everyone in US salaries and see how that works. Your criticisms about equality are worthless to anyone that’s ever actually looked at a P&L.

Woke Breakfast & Coffee owner Carmen Quiroga said she has spent thousands on signs and other items, including coffee sleeves with the restaurant logo, and is not changing the name.

COVENTRY — A new restaurant in town is stirring controversy with its ambiguous name.

When owner Carmen Quiroga opened Woke Breakfast & Coffee on Main Street recently, she meant to convey, “Wake up and have a coffee,” she said. The immigrant to the U.S. from Mexico said she had no idea about conservatives’ use of the word as a slam on liberal overreach.

“I’m a Mexican,” Quiroga said. “I don’t know anything about what ‘woke’ means to some people.”

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If you are woke, you get sent to Coventry?

she had no idea about conservatives’ use of the word as a slam on liberal overreach liberals’ use of the word to describe their overreach.

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Selective editing? Conservative voters wanting to shut down a restaurant for a name choice doesn’t sound very democratic.

I think you just want some breakfast.

To send someone to Coventry is an idiom used in England meaning to deliberately ostracise someone. Typically, this is done by not talking to them, avoiding their company, and acting as if they no longer exist. In essence, and by modern parlance, to ‘blank’ someone.


I’m going to try this one out when I get the chance.