The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread

They are the only way to make Biden look nominatable

Only Bernie could beat Trump, but the media has convinced people otherwise.

Not the coup the party needed.

Violence in her name…with guns? I mean, violence is good if the cause is just and obviously it is, but the guns part, that just throws a monkey wrench into the workings. How to spin that?

Too bad she fired her idea man. She’s Nancy’s er…girl now.

Speak of the devil:


No brainer for Israel. Smart decision by Deri, so logical that it’s boring. Let 'em howl.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, explaining the decision at length on his office’s Twitter account, said that Tlaib and Omar’s itinerary “revealed that they planned a visit whose sole objective is to strengthen the boycott against us and deny Israel’s legitimacy.”

Netanyahu said their travel plans referred to a trip to “Palestine,” not Israel, and the congresswomen were not interested in meeting with Israeli officials. He went on to note that the Palestinian organization that planned the visit, MIFTAH, supports the boycott movement, and that people associated with the group have supported terror against Israel in the past.

He said Israel welcomes critics with the exception of those who support boycotts of the Jewish State.

Netanyahu confirmed that Deri would consider permitting Tlaib to visit her Palestinian family members if she filed a humanitarian request and promised not to promote boycotts of Israel while she visits.

They could have donated with the money they would have earned from amazon jobs lol

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What an exhausting woman. Not a shred of politics in it…which is odd, for a politician…except for the top down governmental education about racism part. That’s political. She should visit China.

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She’s not a politician though, she’s a bartender who won a casting call.

That’s not quite fair. She had a grass roots following b4 she went National. She has a constituency. She seems to be ignoring them. :idunno:

She was being provocative and she got the result she wanted. Trump is a racist, Muslims are being ignored, Israel is a bully, Trump is a power hungry despot…

Yep- she got that right

Posting this here in case a comrade sees fit to forward to AOC and the DSA,
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She comes across as a contrarian, but really I’d guess it’s because she has to think up her positions ad hoc to whatever else just came out her mouth to please her handlers. As long as people are slapping their heads, she’s in their good graces.

“Do/say this. It’ll be good optics.”

Right and her Captain’s legs were just cut out from under her.

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Yeah, this just in:

Oh sure. What does a University of Cambridge scholar know about Americans? Clearly these “researchers” have tried to trick readers with statistics and big words.

I would expect nothing less from a fine Cambridge person :yum:They only invite the very finest to join their ubiquitous establishment…or you could just go racing cars and sustain an atrocious level of grammar :crazy_face: note to self …don’t screw up again. Expecting homer back soon :smirk:


Ubiquitous? Shurley shome mishtake. Are you back on the opiates?

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