The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread

Maybe before, not after they were outed by Shep Smith who said he left because they were creating narratives based around non-facts.

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IIRC, he was talking about the talking heads shows. Hence me specifically referencing the news at Fox news.

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That has always been there though, no, the talking heads talking out of their arses? Lunacy seemed to be seeping into the news division, and that’s what got Shep going.

Shepard Smith had a dust up – an on-air confrontation of sorts – with fellow news anchor, Tucker Carlson. Smith publicly defended a colleague (Fox News Contributor Andrew Napolitano) after Carlson permitted a guest of his show to disparage Napolitano. Rather than take a stand for Napolitano or for Smith, it was reported here with CNBC that Fox News executives sided with Carlson in the fallout and warned Shepard Smith not to criticize Tucker Carlson again.

Police for me, but not for you


The money saved on jails could be used for more Capitol police funding.

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Help Abuela

AOC doesn’t know her abuela from her aunt.

And she’s wrong.

wrong squader. :joy:

Now she is investing heavily in her online store, selling T-shirts, sweatshirts and other merchandise with her name, “AOC” initials or slogans including “Tax the Rich” and “Fight for our Future,” efforts aimed at both fundraising and building the second-term lawmaker’s profile nationally.

She must have read about that BLM woman. Hopefully she will use some of that dough to help her abuela auntie.

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Imagine that:

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